Hi smoke, I'm Umulius 🧚

9 months ago

🌱Hello stoner friends!🌱

After being on Steemit for a while as @umulius, I guess the Smoker in me found its way here as well.


^Picture of me from the Freetown Christiania in Denmark.

I'm a happy and passionate creature with a big heart for creativity.

I look for peace and happiness wherever I go, and I live a life full of adventures, art, ups, and downs. I was born in Norway, but life has thought me not to settle before I find the perfect place.

For about 10 years I've been using cannabis. The majority of these years, cannabis has been my medicine, way of escape, and a boost for my creativity.
Thanks to cannabis, I've been able to live through my PTSD and depressions, and I came out of it a lot stronger.
I have an immeasurable love for nature, and to spend time in the forest, learning about the treasures it holds has been a big part of my healing. I aspire to live by the "let your food be your medicine" principle as much as it let's do.


The last years I've created a traveling cafe concept with my closest friends.

Our name is Ambrosia!

Header facebook.png

The concept itself has been under construction for some years, yet we have done random cafe-pop ups and served food on multiple psychedelic-and flow related events. We are on Steemit as ambrosiacafe, check out our blog for awesome vegan cakes, gourmet food, and herbal healing.

I'm a self-learned chef and also a stoner, and I love to experiment with different colors and tastes while I'm high. Since I am a food blogger that's always high when I create my recipes, I think I'll share some mouth-watering food and recipes with you here on Smoke as well!

As mentioned above, art is a big part of my life, and so is adventuring. The last six months I've been living at a cabin with @xtetrahedron by the beautiful fjords of Norway. Now we have relocated to the capital and will stay here one more month before our urge for exploration takes us to Sri Lanka.
We will go on a psytrance-festival, see the country, and hopefully find some good smoke!

🌱That's a little bit about me, now I'm looking forward to get to know this community a little better!🌱

#introduceyourself #introduction #aboutme #art

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I found your post through @boogeytheman 's resmoke, glad to have you here!

We have a pretty entertaining festival close to me called Electric Forest. If you ever find yourself in the states and make it there let me know!

I gave you a follow and look forward to your future content.

Smoke on!


It's exciting to be here, @ericwilson!

I have heard about electric forest, and had to Google it. It looks massive, and like there is loads of stuff going on.
I'll let you know if we're in the states even though it might be a bit far away in the future. Who knows what suddenly happens 😁

I'll follow you back, and same to you. Have a great day!

Welcome onboard the smoke platform my love <3


C u t e !!!


Thanks, love 😍🌱

Hey, welcome to the smoke network, you seem pretty cool - looking forwards to your future content 👌


Thanks for welcoming me, @indica, you seem pretty cool yourself!

I look forward to create and read more content on Smoke, my first impression is that it's a great community. It makes me happy to see so many happy and relaxed stoners on one platform.
Enjoy your day, I'll follow you so I can see more of your content as well. ^_^

Hello @umulius, welcome to Smoke Network and thank you for creating your first post!
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Welcome to SMOKE!


Thanks @jeff!
Seems like a great community :D

Glad to have you here!


Thanks, @psyceratopsb!

Happy to be here :D

Welcome to the family. Take a look around. I like that concept of yours. That traveling caffee concept is interesting. Ill keep an look out for Ambrosia caffee on festivals from now on.


Thanks for the welcome and kind words @zuculuz 😊

I'm happy that you like our concept, hopefully you will see us one day at a festival.
Nice to meet you here, have a good day!


You too. I hope so too.

Velkommen ;)


Tusen takk, @arsenal. Kult å se flere skandinaver her inne. 😊


Ja, vi overtager Smoke :p

Welcome to the community... I look forward to seeing your edible recipes!

I'm going to a trance festival in 2 weeks... I'l post pictures after :D


Thanks! 😊 I look forward to see more of this platform, and to post more as well.

And I'm exited to see the pictures from the festival you're going to, about where in the world is it, @stoner?


It is in Cape Town.. :D . Well just outside Cape Town.


I watched the whole video, and it looks super cozy. I really enjoy going to psytrance festivals myself. :)

I'm more into different genres of chill out and more hard psytrance, like in the start and towards the end of the video. Some things get to cheesy though, but I still love psytrance all in all.

Have loads of fun there 😁

Welcome to Smoie.io!


Appreciated @mjgeeks 😊🙌

Nice intro @umulius, good to have you onboard. Will definitely keep an eye here to see more interesting posts from you. have a nice stay


Hi @jessica, thanks for reaching out. I'm glad to be onboard, and exited to sail with you guys! 😊

Welcome to the platform, much fun and success in your endeavors!...


Thanks a lot @maelstrohmblack. Same to you, wish you all well.😁

Hey there, check out our podcast for two stoners trying to make sense of the world :)


Welcome to Smoke.... the more the Merrier. I like mythology, and forests too. I’m in Canada.


nice, it's cool to find more people with the same interests! Thanks for the welcome.
We have similar nature to Canada here in Norway, but weed is still illegal here... I'd really love to go to canada one day, it's on my list. 😊


Yeah... Canada is a great place to be if you like to smoke and grow Cannabis. Happy I am here.

smoke is the best thing steemit could have introduced me to. I always had trouble writing over there but here on smoke, I feel like my work is appreciated.

Welcome to the community we look forward to seeing your content :)


That's good to hear @masterroshi! It seems like people are very social here, and appreciate each other's content as you say.

It's been super quiet on steemit lately, and I really love to be surrounded by stoners so maybe this is my place as well.

Thanks, same to you 😁

I'm not sure how I missed your post but WELCOME!! ❤❤


Thanks @maryjane, appreciate it! :D

Thanks to cannabis, I've been able to live through my PTSD and depressions, and I came out of it a lot stronger.

I, too, have been diagnosed with ptsd and depression and find cannabis helps me focus, glad to see you here! Thanks for sharing, it's always nice to know you're not alone!!