Flood.. flood.. flood

in #life
7 months ago

It was like a miracle this morning. After taking my joint this Sunday morning ... The rain just started at first we where enjoying the cold weather not until gradually it turnned out to be a great disaster........

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I hope your joint had saved you a bit


Yes bro. Thanks

Why wouldn't you take a picture of your joint and show us or weed, rather than the streets.


I guess smoke.io is not all about joint, weed and smoke alone..... Atleast we share what happen in our social geological zone too. If am wrong then let me no. And I also tagged Life.


I tag life in most of my posts as well

Oh man I truly hope everyone is alright. I've lost everything to a flood before. Try and stay dry.


Thanks dude..... You really no what I would be going through now....atleast am still breathing lost some property thoe