Smoke OG's: @tecnosgirl

4 months ago

Happy Birthday @tecnosgirl!

First of all, Happy Birthday @tecnosgirl! I hope you have a great day and get to treat yourself somehow! Burn one down for us!

What's a Smoke OG?

Smoke OG's are the users that are ushering in this new era of Smoke.

If you're here at the time of this posting you could be one!

Not everyone has the passion to turn this crypto-spark into a fire.
It takes some abstract thinking to realize the true potential behind Smoke. The blockchain is a blank canvas that we can paint on with our ideas. Witnesses try to maintain the technical side, but that would mean nothing without the people.

@tecnosgirl is holding it down

@tecnosgirl definitely showed up ready to rock! If you're not familiar with her root posts, she has a wide range of topics, starting numerous contests, offering guides, grow updates, nugporn, etc. It's important to notice how inclusive she is to the community as well, trying to make more connections.

One could use her account as a textbook example of how to bootstrap a social network. My advice to new users would be to take a good look at her account. Don't try to imitate her, but look at some of the possibilities and try to put their own spin on it.

Very early on, even before she and I had had many direct interactions, @tecnosgirl had definitely earned my respect through her posts and votes.
For 'political' topics on Smoke I found myself generally agreeing with her comments on her vision of what this could become. As an OG her opinion does carry a lot of weight in my mind.

Personally, I think @tecnosgirl is a pretty cool person. I'm serious that if she's ever passing through Vegas that she should stop by for a bowl.

Keep toking, Smokers, and have a Great Birthday @tecnosgirl!

I'm going to attempt adding @tecnosgirl as a 100% Beneficiary of this post, so all Author Rewards should go directly to her, although users have reported that it will not show up in the 'Rewards' page. Should be able to confirm by looking at the source of the post.

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thanks for the birthday wishes though I am slightly embarrassed that @gr8fulmag420 went and spread it around, I am feeling very humbled with all the love being shown to me today.


Hey you deserve the recognition, I completely agree with @trees, you have many points you cover and are a true #SMOKEOG!!!! Happy Birthday again @tecnosgirl.


Happy birthday @tecnosgirl :) @trees is spot on with his post. You've always been very supportive to the community from day 1. Thank you. Again happy birthday, have a blast!

Happy Birthday @tecnosgirl!!!!

Happy Birthday @tecnosgirl