Blaze Story: Getting Lit At Work

7 months ago

One of my favorite posters to seek out on Smoke is @psyceratopsb. He frequently posts stories about his cannabis smoking experiences throughout the day and includes some sweet pictures and GIF's. One of my favorite GIF's was posted recently of a cannabis "car" cigarette. I wasn't even stoned and it had me cracking up so hard that my belly was hurting.

Today there is a post about how he smokes incognito at work. The story inspired me to write about the times I use to smoke at work.

The Police Station

After leaving the military I worked as a third shift custodian for the city. The job shifted me between two buildings; the police station and the city municipal building

It was a decent job and if you hustled then you could have all your work finished in about 4 hours with 4 hours to spare. Because it was a union job there could be no additional work assigned so there would be hours to do nothing. What is a person to do?

Drink Beer and Smoke Down On Some Cannabis Of Course!

If I was working in the Police Station then I would go up to the roof, throw my feet over the edge of the building and look over the city. I would sit up there for hours and drink my six pack while toking down. It was a relaxing place to look over the dead downtown city and contemplate where my life was going.

I was barely 23 and about a year removed from the Iraq War. I didn't know it at the time but I was dealing with PTSD and the herb was helping me deal with that reality. That's a whole book on its I will move on.

The Municipal Building

Smoking at the Municipal Building was awesome.I was a floater and the only time I would work there is when one of the other custodians would call out.

But in this building were two other smokers besides me.

These two guys were older than this half breed Mexican. One was a white guy(Bobby) in his forties and the other a black guy in his fifties(Chris). I only bring this up because it illustrates how smoking unites people of all ages and colors.. We would meet in the elevator room with all the pulleys at preplanned times throughout the shift and smoke down.

So there you have this 20 something year old War Vet in an elevator room listening to Chris's blues music on his portable radio with Bobby telling us crazy stories about his life with family during the day while getting blazed. It is one of the fondest memories I have in life.

The Chicken Factory

When my first born came along we were in desperate need of money and I picked up a third shift job at a chicken factory. It was a long drive to work and I hated this job. We worked in a cold environment and our responsibility was to clean flour and chicken off of machines with a water hose and spray chemicals. You had to wear a wet suit and when the chemicals came out then you made sure to have goggles on because you could literally lose your sight if the chemical got in your eyes. There are still scars on my hands from the chemicals touching my skin.

I did this job for two years and I was absolutely miserable. So how does someone get through the night?... get your mind right with some bud of course!

I would leave lunch about 10 minutes early and get dressed in my wet suit then grab a 55 gallon barrel and head outside the factory to a big bin that we would throw chicken and flour into so it could be recycled into dog food.

Yes, you read that correctly... chicken and flour sitting outside in an open container so large that it took a semi to haul off. Could you imagine the smell? The smell of this area is exactly why I picked this place to fire up. I would go in a dark corner and toke down for about 10 minutes until I knew everyone was back to work and the factory was filled with condensation because of the hot water meeting the cold air.

I'd have my big yellow barrel so it looked like I just came back from dumping chicken and flour into the bin and walk through the dense fog to my machine and get back to work. It helped me get through the last four hours of the shift and I don't know if I could have worked there for the years that I did without some herb.

This is a little more personal post about life than what I usually do but there have definitely been some interesting times at work with Mary Jane. Do you have any cannabis at work stories that you would like to share? Leave a reply or write a post and leave the link in the reply section! I would love to hear...err read your stories about work and cannabis!

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Custodian image via Pixabay
Elevator room image via Pixabay
All other images by me

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Lol thats funny! Its so crazy thinking of back in the day on the crazy places I would smoke. Now a days if you have a vape, you can just take a hit in the back room and come back with out even washing your hands or smoking a cigarette.


Lol. I am sure just about every smoker has some kind of crazy story of where they have smoked. A cool vape slogan would be Vaping: Freeing Smokers Everywhere.

Love the anonymous photo!


Maybe one day I won't have to be so anonymous. But I had to get some pictures with my beautiful Mary Jane!

Awesome thing to experience, to inspire someone...

This is some nice time for yourself. Half workhours on first job. You went a bit hardcore with sixpack.
Chicken factory sounds like a shitty job. There is only one way to make it better. And you know it best brother what is that one.
But, I don't know how smart was to inhale that smell with smoke when you toked.


That job was rather insane. One of the guys was a bookie and I remember on Friday Nights people would go to the municipal building to drop off their betting slips. We had one guy that bid on floors that would take about two hours to clean and he would walk down the block to the strip club and get hammered every night and come back in time to clock out. You can't make shit like this up lol. That's been over a decade ago so I don't mind talking about it.

I'm not too concerned about inhaling that smell. There was a guy that worked out there for over many many years and it was his job to operate the lift that lifted the barrels and dumped them into the trailer. He didn't have a labor intensive job but damn that smell.

Oh and yes the ganja definitely helped make the situation more positive!

Lol funny but interesting life story, makes me remember how weed spiked my friendship with a colleague at work after i discovered she also smokes. We did funny things together and went crazy places just to smoke. really miss her as she relocated to another city with family. Weed united us then and made work fun for us.


Marley said " herb is the healing of a nation" and I truly believe that with the diverse types of people united with this plant. People can still absolutely be productive and create meaningful memories while toking up. Thank you for sharing your story.

I enjoyed your cool stories.
With edibles or vapes it is a lot easier getting high on a low profile level. :D


I agree with you. Edibles were not on even on my radar them. Finding edibles then was like finding a unicorn.

I use to sell magazines door to door and the first object of the day was to find another stoner to get high with or to score from. Those were the days..


Lol. And YOU KNOW that stoners have Stonar!

Great story bro, cannabis is a great uniter that's for sure. Thanks for sharing mate, bong on bro. :-)


Couldn't agree more. You are welcome for the share.