3 months ago


Well about timeless buds has been growing an consulting for a while know. Kinda slowed down on flowers when closed loop systems came out an short path distillation devices. I love strains like shark shock that's mostly cbd. Being a medical patient was nice long before recreational was put into place. Turns out if smoke 200 Swisher's in 24 days they will send coupons for being a solid customer. Always trying new things and practices to stay modern an enjoy the best of what this industry provides. #timelessbuds #503

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Welcome, is that your grow? Looks impressive, harvesting must have been a nightmare though 😂

Welcome to the smoke network. Looking forward to your contributions and also to great stories. Toke on. 🦇


It was in the past, it helped with everything else to get going better. An it never can be truly one person because without a solid work crew it would all rot. So it was a team effort an I give all the respect to the workers that made it possible.

Welcome @timelessbuds to :)

Welcome to the network! :D

Welcome to Smoke, glad to have you here. :)

Welcome. : )

Welcome buddy, glad to see one of my local homies actually took the leap to come on here. It's nice to see people actually take my advise every once and a while, its refreshing. I will give you some more pointers on how this community works so you you understand how to approach your posting/voting as well.