Taking a break

7 months ago

We are burning a ton of Japanese Honeysuckle

It isn't a strain of cannabis but an invasive plant when in full bloom they are beautiful but they choke out everything they come in contact with. We have been working of clearing it out since we bought the land and it is slow going because the weather doesn't seem to work with us. Even now the only time off work my husband has had is to recover from CoVid-19. But the weather has been decent and projects we been needing to get done we have tackled this weekend, including burning this Honeysuckle in our garden area. It is tiring work and I have to take frequent smoke breaks along the way.

We are burning in our garden area and will till the ash when we are done into the soil. We have approximately 2 weeks till we plant

this is the dried Japanese Honeysuckle we have cut away over the last 3 years, there is also a few small trees in the pile.

We also got a new shed this week

So we spent some time this weekend installing gutters and our rain barrel system to the shed. The delivery guy forgot the ramp but I am told it will be here at the first of the week. As I plan to use this shed as a garden shed and need that ramp to get my riding lawnmower and my tiller into the shed as both are too heavy to be lifting in there.


I am trying to spend more time outdoors

With my husband catching CoVid-19 we have decided to stop waiting to live our lives and do the things we have been planning and saving for. What better time than now to do that. But man is it tiring. Cause we also installed central air today. We had been saving for that addition for a while now and every time we had it saved up something would come up and we would have to wait. Well we decided no more waiting and have had the money put back since the first of the year waiting for it to be warm enough to install. So with the help M of a friend who is an HVAC guy we got it mostly installed, there is a little left to do tomorrow but it was getting late so we called it a night on that.


Taking a smoke break after working hard

I am enjoying the fire and the warmth it brings on a chilly 59 degrees evening. We will be have daily fires for the next couple of weeks. As the ash is great for soil preparation. I look forward to seeing what I grow in the coming months. I plan to take a bucket of soil iut of my garden area and I am gonna sift it clean of bugs and other contaminants and use some of it to grow one of my cannabis plants I am curious with soil will be better soil from my garden that we are preparing or the store bought soil. Going to be fun to find out.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit there's a pandemic going on and you need to protect your health. Try to find something productive to do during all this downtime. My husband is working but on his days of because we have nothing to do we have found ourselves more productive around our homestead than normal. Try to keep your mind active. And don't forget our governments can't be trust, grow a garden if you can and grow your own cannabis as supply lines can get disrupted.



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Oh I love the smell of honeysuckle.... but yeah they grow wild .... like the mint in my back yard.... I planted 3 or 4 chocolate mint plants that actually smell like mint chocolate... but they have taken over the whole yard. There could be worse I suppose.... we used to have stinging nettle .... makes your whole hand blister and go numb when you touch that sht


This is what it looks like behind the pretty green leaves it goes everywhere. But we are slowly but surely getting it out of there.



What will you plant in its place ?


Native plants and fruit and nut trees


lol. Reminds me of my backyard …
Enjoy the outdoors!

Lol i think my country grows the best cannabis


We have great soil where I live. I can't grow outdoors cause it isn't legal where I am at but I am in the middle of farm country and we grow great tasting produce and I am sure our soil will create some great cannabis.

Good work.Like the waterbuts .