Preparing to be gone for the day

last year

Today is my granddaughter's birthday

I am all about my grandbabies currently I have 2 grandchildren. Today is my oldest granchild's birthday and I am preparing to be gone all day. Which means it is time for a dose of tincture to one stop the pressure I feel building up in my lower back and hips which will lead to pain and to help prevent the pain for the day.


Muscle spasms treatment

I woke with back spasms this morning. So I am also dabbing it up before I have to head out. So glad I have dabs this morning as my grandbabies are a handful and spasms in the back and them mixed can be challenging but with having dab on hand I should be good for a few hours.


Preparing some doobies for the road

I also have prepared a couple of doobies for the road. I will be gone most of the day celebrating with my little princess so I need to make sure I don't end up in pain. Thankfully my daughter and her partner in life are smokers so I can dose there without having to worry about it.


Happy Birthday to my little princess

And till next time stoners, it is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Sucks you got spasms, How old the grandbabies?

Good thing for dabs that they help you get threw the day.


My granddaughter is 4 and my grandson is 2


Dam fun age, no mouth back haha


You don't know my grandbabies

Good luck and have fun!
Smoke on!