Pizza, Pipes and Pot

18 days ago

It's Mother's day

And it means I am not cooking dinner. There are two days a year that I don't cook no ifs ands or buts we either go out for dinner or my family cooks for me. My Birthday and mother's day is are the two days of year they take care of me. So tonight we are having Pizza and BreadStix from our favorite pizza joint.



My best friend @gr8fulmag420 is getting married

This weekend my best friend got enganged. I went over to see her and to congratulate her and her fiance. She showed me her new pipe. It kind of reminded of @groot and I asked her if I could show it off to you guys and then told her she needs to get her ass back posting on here. She has been busy going to school and with everything on her plate she hasn't had the time but she says she is gonna try to make time for smoke again soon.



Smoking on Sour Sunset

I have some really heavy smoke right now. My husband doesn't care for the heavy stuff so I pulled out the Sour Sunset cause though it is fire af, it doesn't cause you to go take a nap. I actually have a strain that is called Fire As Fuck aka Hell's Fire and I am a high tolerance girl and that strain is a night time strain. I tried it out the other day and was napping shortly after. I will be doing a review on that likely tomorrow. But the Sour Sunset is just as good without the I have to take a nap feeling. It is why I chose to smoke this strain today, it is a great choice for a buzz that still allows you to function.



Happy Mother's Day

To all the mothers out there Happy Mother's Day to you. I hope you are surrounded by your loved ones and have a big fatty or two to roll up. As a nice buzz on mother's day is a great way to end Mother's Day in my opinion.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit there's a pandemic going on and sharing is not caring at the moment. Hopefully soon they will start giving people the treatment when they get sick instead of the medical neglect we have going on right now. Stay safe, stay healthy and remember don't trust your government they are lying to us all.



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happy mothers day...we did the same


Thanks @grahamsvorten and @d00k13 thank you for the smoke very awesome of you to do. I will put it to good use.


Happy Mother’s Day, sending you a little gift ❤️

Glad you were able to take the day to yourself.

Happy Mother's Day @Tecnosgirl. I just looked in the mirror and the pipe does look like me! LOL


I thought it that that pipe might be related lol and thanks

Happy mother's Day



Looks like you got some good buds for mother's day, happy mother's day and glad you enjoyed it!


I am feeling very blessed this mother's day as I have a about 15 strains currently to choose from plus two strains of hemp. Who knew blogging about cannabis would slowly lead to me getting to sample so many strains. The benefits of dealers knowing you are a blogger even in an illegal market. I can't imagine how it would be if I was in a legal market where I could be public about my identity, cause seriously I never had this many strains at home to choose from and it was after I starting blogging that this happened.