My Migraine survival kit

3 months ago

I woke with a slight headache today

Though my day started decent I had a headache and some back spasms I dosed and took off to spend the morning with my grandbabies which was nice we went to a movie and then went shopping at least till towards the end when one had a melt down and her mom got upset and started having a melt down, and the noise level turned my slight headache to a full blown migraine. I get them dropped off at home and drive the 30 minutes back to where I live, and barely make it home before I am throwing up due to the migraine that my headache turned into.

So after I stopped throwing up due to the Migraine

I had to treat it. First thing I did was grab the tincture, it works quick to stop the vomiting, I did a dose then grabbed a wash rag and soaked it with cold water, lightly twisted the excess water out and folded it to put it over my eyes, then I laid down and listened to an audio book on low as I tried to fall asleep to sleep the headache off.

2 hours later my head is still throbbing but at least I am no longer throwing up

So I twist a joint and do another dose of tincture and soak the wash cloth again to lay upon my eyes, the coldness of the rag really soothes the throbbing pain in the eyes I get when I get a migraine. I am feeling a little better thanks to my Migraine survival kit. But this one is being stubborn and is hanging around, I am hoping once I eat something it will completely go away.


I am going to eat and possibly nap a little more

If my head is still hurting after eating I am going to try to take another nap and see if I can kick this headache for good. I hate migraines but am really thankfully this combinations seems to work for me better than Imtrex without the side effects. Till next time stoners it is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.




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I'm so sorry about the migraine. I get them bad as well. I like the idea of having a little survival kit, and I never thought of using tincture for them.


It helps at least with the nausea sometimes it helps also with the pain depends on what has caused it.

Omg. Girl i had a migraine day before yesterday, in the AM.... thats nuts.

The pressure behind the eyes is a bitch! I get that with my frequent sinus infections. I know that pain. Even smoking sucks if it makes you cough. Yikes, get well!


It is better than what it was when I wrote this earlier but it is still hanging around and of course the thing I want to do is sleep and I haven't been able to get there. Looking at the computer screen likely isn't helping but I am bored even though I am in pain so I am here. LOL