Long time no see a life and witness update.

2 months ago

I have been super busy

I haven't meant for a full month to go by without posting but here we are and a full month has gone by. I been super busy, many of you know I been restructuring my business and was also taking a class. I finished my studio a few weeks ago and have been working hard to market and relaunch my business. Something had to give and it was the blogging. But now the class is over and I though I am still busy, I have some free time here and there. I won't promise I will post daily but it will be more frequently than it has been this last month.

I have been smoking

Today I am smoking on some Jelly Belly. I have a nice little stash built up and haven't had to purchase any for a while. Which is a good thing with the fires that hut out west. I have heard that there has been a bunch of smoke damaged cannabis flooding our market. But since the fires hit I have been good and haven't had to buy any and should be good throughout the year and even a few months into the new year as I have a massive roach collection.


Maybe I will start growing again

But not till after my busy season is over with. I got Santa in my studio a few weekeneds this season and with malls arpund the area cancelling Santa we are finding my little studio busy with booking for Santa. Which is really cool. Maybe it will actually help me recover some of the money I spent building my photo studio.


Tecnosgirl Witness

Is still up and running. Though I I haven't been on the front end I am still running in the background. I need to figure out better time management so i can focus on development but at this time my photography business has my number 1 focus. But when the slow season hits again I promise to focus on some of the development. Covid changed my focus and I apologize for that. But I need to keep my focus on where it is at for now.


Now off to explore what has been going on here at smoke

As I haven't been around much and have now clue what is going on. So I am off to catch up.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit.



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Hello I have been missing you.. I'vebeen thinking of you everytime I got hold of the can opener you sent.. Hope everything's fine over there.. Stay safe, glad you are back!


Life is just so busy here lately and that is a good thing in many ways as CoVid hurt my business. I had everything set up where I could do it all before then CoVid hit and though the country shut down, it made me busier with other things and then trying to open back up has been a struggle and a lot of work. But I am getting there and my time will start to free back up or I will figure out how to manage it better either way I am looking forward to getting back to normal.

Glad to see you back. I just recently came back myself.


The more people with great posts the better 😊

Thanks for the update and to see you back 😊💚


thanks I appreciate that. I got a notification where people were asking if anyone had seen me over on discord and it really just has been hectic and I been too tired to form words to write at the end of the day. But things are getting better and hopefully that will change and I will have more time soon.

Good to know all is well ❤️


Yes it is just life interfering with time for online activities

: )