Life is about to get back to normal

2 months ago

I been working hard on my studio

Over the last few months I have been building a small photo studio. It won't be used 100% for photos as I also plan to use it as an office, a place to create content and finally a place to work on programming where I am not being distracted. Having my own creative space to work in that is all mine is something I been working on for a few years to be able to afford with lots of hard work I finally have been able to accomplish that dream. Today we installed the baseboards and crown moulding. Only some trim work is left to do and having the electrician come and install the RV outlet to the house so I can use a RV extension cord to power my studio.

the light in the photo is being powered by a traditional extension cord

I am hoping that the last few items that need to get done is finished tomorrow

Worse case scenario I have to wait till Monday or Tuesday to finish it as I have to cook a bunch of food for an event on Saturday on Friday and also have plans in place for Sunday too. But to see I am almost done has me excited. After all this work to be nearly done has me very excited. Tonight after all the work was finished fornthe evening I came inside and twisted up a fat doobie of some Apple Kush. Tomorrow I plan to do a review on it. I been enjoying this strain over the last few days.


With my building project finishing

By next week my life should be going back to normal. With will leave me free to create content and work on some programming projects that have been postponed. I also have some other ideas I want to launch and soon I will have that space to launch a d creat those ideas. I want to thank my readers for sticking with me through the spotty posting I have been doing as late. But my physical energy will no longer be taking up by all the physical work I been doing lately which has left me too drained some days to create a post. But even when I am not posting I am curating and my witness is running in the background helping keeping smoke up and running. If you haven't voted for witness yet you can do so here I would appreciate your consideration for one of your witness votes. I love this community and try to work hard to make it the best cannabis community out there. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit.



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Looking good ✌️What are you using for back lighting and what not? Full pro lights even on the stream setup? Your planning on setting up the green screen right? Lol I am all questions...


I have professional studio lighting. I have it all packed away atm but will be setting it up when the construction stuff is done and will DM you what I have. I also have some nice white LED overheads I installed. Yes I do plan at times to use my green screen.


Alright I’d love to see it 👍 ... so on a personal note, what would you suggest ... we are trying to light 2 separate spaces

  • my computer area
  • mels sewing area

Looking at a purchase that is multi purpose ... I like the idea of a large size 50w led ring light on tripod ... soft yet bright and directional, compact ... trying not to go the whole umbrella route 😉


The rings are great for what you are doing imo. Overhead white light is also a good addition

Very great, we are the boss .. continue.