I had a fantastic day

8 months ago

My husband's alarm woke me 3 hours before I had to be up

And of course I couldn't get back to sleep. I was worried that was a sign of how the day was going to go. I knew there was a long day of errands to do and dropping off chocolates to my clients. I also had to get new tires today on my husband's car. So I got started with my day and for once everything went as planned and on time.

Once the errands were done

The candy dropped off, it was time to reup then hit the tire store. My guy had every thing ready so I was at the tire store by 11 am. But then the tires I wanted they were sold out of. 😬 The $64 all weather tire they had advertise they didn't have but they gave me a better $100 tire for the same price. Plus let me use the $30 off coupon I had, so I got 4 brand new tires for $305 installed and taxes, not bad at all.
Lemon OG

Stopped at the smoke accessories shop

The owner asked me to sample and do a review of Cherry Wine CBD flower grown in Indiana. He gave me a gram to sample and I will be doing a review of it in the next day or two. It has a nice smell, hopefully it has a nice taste too. We will see how good it is. As it is apart of the first legal hemp grown in Indiana in 90 years or so.


Now I am finally done with everything

I have my dough prepping for the calzones I am making for dinner. I made the dough last night and refrigerated it now I am bringing it back to room temperature before I can actually use it. Now while I am waiting it's time to smoke one of this new batch I picked up today.



Till next time stoners

I hope you are having a great day and remember it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.



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That's a deal on tires for sure

Enjoy the mix! I just finished my Lemon OG kush this week and already miss it. I had to grab new tires for my vehicle a few weeks ago and think I paid $75 per tire for all weather.. it really cut into my weed budget 😆 but I’ll be happy I did it when the snow starts dumping here.

Enjoy those calzones and the rest of your weekend ✌️😎
Heading to the dispensary today so I’ll be rocking my Smoke.io bag in there like I’m trick or treating..hahaha


they are gonna ask what is that, and it is gonna start a conversation and before you know it they will be giving you samples to review. I am sending that into the Universe for you. As it is cool to get an occasional freebie of smoke or even CBD flower to review


Holy Shitsu
You really did that didn’t you?!
I got a free 1/8 of bud today 😆😆💚💚💚
Actually 3 1/8s for $85 - never had a weed man that good..LOL
Bought a quarter of Phantom Cookies and got an 1/8 of Willie’s Reserve Mango CBD flower. Got a few people asking about the bag and even got a bag given to me. What have you done?! 😄 feel like my curse was lifted today


I am a witch so they say. LOL

So didI!...