I am gonna make some RSO

6 months ago

Illegally alive is better than legally dead

We know a guy who is fighting a rare type of blood cancer. He has under gone 6 years of treatment and they are about to start him on another round cause this round isn't working either. He uses cannabis to help with some of the symptoms but had never heard of RSO. So tonight I sat down telling him about it and how it can cure cancer if prepared with the right strains for the type you have..

So I am going to make him some RSO

I am a little nervous since it can be volatile but am confident I can make a great medicine for him that has a better chance of working than what he has been doing. The protocol calls for 5 ounces of flower to make the medicine and may needed to be repeated a couple of times. But I got to thinking about a month of cancer treatment can run $30k or more doesn't cure and three rounds of RSO that cures most cancers costs less than $2k to make.

I am not charging to make it for him

Though he is buying the materials for me to make it with. I am always surprised when those using cannabis that have cancer hasn't heard of RSO and am always happy to share the cure with them. Hopefully this will work for him like it has so many others. I will update as I can on the progress. Now I got to score the weight. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.


and yes I will document the process for smoke when I get all the materials for it


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A great man with a great method of creating some great medicine! All around, a great path to take if you should find yourself with any real crippling diseases/afflictions! I have a friend who makes this for his son who has epilepsy. They apply it through his skin with a roller ball! Not only does it work like a charm, there's no need to swallow a pill or stab yourself with a needle!

You have so much knowledge @tecnosgirl!

Can you document the process for us here on smoke? Very interested in how to make it correctly.


LOL yes I plan on it, you must have missed that detail


I suppose that last little bit sums it up.

Toke on.

This is very compassionate of you. I’m the same type of person who if I know it works I’ll help them get it by any means. Hope everything works out 💪👍.


We should all be trying to help one another to make the world a better place.

Such a positive post ! Will keep up with your updates.