Heard a cop ask another cop if he had weed

4 months ago

I went out to breakfast this morning to my favorite breakfast place

Cops frequent the establishment also as they have really good food. I happen to see the same group of cops there in a regular basis also. So today as I was having my coffee I hear the one cop ask the other cop if he has any weed. To my surprise the other cop says "yes want to get high after the shift" and the other cop says "you know it"

So I came home and rolled one

I am in an illegal state

It isn't surprising that a cop gets high. But I was kind of shocked they were openly talking about weed in a restaurant. Now we were sitting in the back room and other than them I was the only other person back there. Maybe they didn't realize they were speaking so loudly. But I was sitting there chuckling to myself. I also wonder how they score their weed? Seriously though do they buy it or do they confiscate it? I wasn't about to ask.

I also wonder

If they smoke cannabis themselves do they actually arrest people for it? If they are smoking confiscated cannabis then they are extremely crooked. Hopefully they are the tope of cops that let those with cannabis go along their way without taking it. Cause that is so wrong if they take it so they can smoke for free or if they charge and arrest somebody for doing what they do off duty. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit. But if you are a cop you can keep it. I don't trust you.



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Some they do and some they don’t, some you can never tell.


But now I know their secret

Just keep safe.