Happy 420 and a stalled witness update

26 days ago

Happy 420

Surprise, unfortunately I am not fully back yet. I have a lot going on. Since the last time I posted I have attempted to get my witness back up multiple times and everytime I start working on it. I get a phone call and have to rush to the hospital for my godmother as I am her POA. She has breast cancer that has spread throughout her body and also uterine cancer. She has noone else either my sister and I are the closest thing to family she has and my sister lives out of town so it has fallen all on me. Plus one of my best friends of 30 years has lung cancer and we have been helping him out too as much as he needs and on top of it, and the topping of that cake is the doctor found precancerous cells in my mom and she is having a hysterectomy next week.

Basically it boils down to I am overwhelmed

I am running a growing business, taking care of two people with cancer plus taking care of my mom. Till my godmother either gets a miracle or dies I don't know if I will have time to get my witness back up before one or the other happens. That pisses me off because my server is prepaid for a year, my witness being down this long wasn't planned and sadly with all that is going on I can barely focus on daily tasks let alone complicated programming.

I have taken the time to take 6 hours a month for me to go to the dispensary

And took 12 hours since Sunday to make two different runs to Michigan. As I found out I could get a medical recommendation out of CA that I can use in Michigan. Reciprocal recommendation recognition is a nice thing and saves me a ton of money. I been using Consume Cannabis as my dispensary as they have some of the best prices in the state and their selection isn't bad. They have three locations now in the state so far I have visited 2 of those locations the 3rd location is too far for me to go to in a day trip. Alma, Michigan is 100% medical and the Quincy location offers both and is frequently low on bud on the medical side. The Alma location is about a hour and 45 minutes further away than the Quincy location but the drive is worth it for $89 ounces. Quincy's ounces are not bad at $125.

My favorite thing about the dispensary is access to great dabs

Tonight for 4/20 I am smoking on Platinum Kush Breathe Caviar. I feel so fancy, okay not really. I am digging it very much so it reminds me a little of the diamonds. I had some of those earlier in the month. Couldn't find any more of it but the guy at the Alma Consume Cannabis Co suggest this as a close substitute.




Currently I have 13 strains of dabs

They had some really great sales this weekend through today. Plus with my godmother deteriorating more this past week and the increased in hospital visits and stays I don't know if I will get to make my trip in May so I want to be stocked up through June. Plus I plan to make her some brownies and cookies and smuggle them in to her. Hence why I bought a QP over the last 3 days.


My dispensary gave out freebies for 420 did yours

They gave me so many things. The Alma location hooked a girl up on Sunday with the swag. Everything but one bandana, one pack of the papers, the lighter and the smell proof bag(there claim not mine) came from the Alama location. They gave me a Smokey Wellington Bag, with a lanyard, 6 stickers, 2 pack of rolling papers 3 bandanas, and a $25 infused jar of body scrub.

I find out tomorrow if they are gonna be keeping my Godmother for a few days

As she ended up back in the hospital today. If they keep her another day or two I might be able to block out enough time to get my witness back up and running. But no promises. I really am trying and atm something had to give and as much as I love the blockchain it was this. Much love to you all. Have a very Happy and safe 420.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff pass don't mess up the rotation.



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Father bless this Godmother. Your will be done. Thank you for the hope we have, in a new day. In the mighty name of the most high.


Thank you

Prayers for your grandma and I hope everything will be fine soon. Just take time for now.


Thank you

That delicious 🤤🤤

Some yummy yummy stuff. Lit up baby (˘³˘)♥

OMG don’t even get me started on the dabs 🤦‍♂️


@d00k13 I have a thing for dabs, use to not to be able to get them on a regular now I can OMG..


Have you come across the dry crumbly stuff? ... I thought it was just kief but it is clumpy like live rosin and is considered even more of a “whole plant” extract rather than an isolate ... super long lasting but mellow high and due to extraction process it is smooth and tastes almost like smoking a joint


Sugar is what it is called looks like parmesan cheese in a container and looks like sugar when you take just a little out. There are two types of sugars this type and a wetter type.


I have some and will take photos when I get home for you

Love, Loyalty, Honor & Respect.
May you remain in Babalon's
Protective Veil of scarlet blue...