Game Changer making my day better

last month

It has been a long day

I started today off going and buying a new grill. And it wouldn't fit in my trunk. So I had to take it out of the box to bring it home. Then I had to unload it at home then I had to go do a delivery before I could come home and put it together. But then I have that pile of Honeysuckle to burn. But before I could even start I needed a change of attitude and what better strain than Game Changer to change my attitude.



So twisted me up a fat one

Got the fire going and lit this fatty up. My back is killing me.from all the bending I have done today. From putting together the new grill, to bending to pick up the Honeysuckle to burn. But this joint of Game Changer will help that as I finish smoking it.


We have been burning this stuff daily for a week when there has been no rain

A few days it rained, but we have been burning this stuff now for just over a week now. And we are finally a little more than half way through the big burn pile. Hopefully I will habe this all birned by mother's day weekend, all the ash spread out and tilled into the soil by then and be ready to plant my garden. I am having a very large garden this year and am very excited cause I am planting stuff I haven't had the room to plant in years.


I am also excited about our soil

We have very rich healthy soil and this is the first time in years maybe ever that food has been grown on this land deliberately. Between the healthy soil and the ash we will be tilling into the soil.we should have a bountiful harvest. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit there's a pandemic going on and sharing is not caring. Stay healthy, stay safe and remember governments can't be trusted.



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Very good looking bud! I bet that smoke is pretty sweet too from burning things! :) I love a good fire, I want to have one soon.

Lucky you. Ontario has a fire ban. Most of this whole quarantine has been with a fire ban.


That sucks we have had lots of rain and are getting more tonight


Yeah thats the stupid thing it has nothing to do with being dry. Has to do with them not wanting to have to send fire department to people's house


My neighbors and I all have been burning, both on either side of us and the guy across the street. We always keep a fire extinguisher near by just in case cause we do have woods on our land and we don't want to burn down the state park or the nature preserve that is nearby.