Friends that will work for weed

last month

Gotta love friends who will work for weed

My son who I love with all my heart isn't the best help when it comes to construction type work. He is great for other labor but I really wanted an extra set of experienced hands and not an extra set of hands is not paying close attention. So today my best friend came over and I offered her fiance who is off for a few days because of the holiday an offer he couldn't refuse. He helps my husband put up the ceiling in my studio and I will give him some butter, a half ounce of tincture and some bud. It's a deal for him as the price of each of these items about $125 retail for all of it combined. But for me cause I am a bulk buyer and grow some of my own it isn't costing me much of anything as my butter is made with trim that is given to me and my tincture and my personal stash is from profit that I get to keep for myself. Not bad for experienced labored to help. I don't have to spend much money and since he won't have to buy his edibles and weed this week he saves money. A win win situation if you ask me.


We are currently working on installing the outdoor lights

So we can get the last wall panels up we are installing the outdoor lights at the moment or I should say my husband is while I am writing this out. But once we have that done within the hour we will be ready to install.the ceilings. Which should be about the time my best friend and her fiance will return. They left to go run a few errands and to go pick up her son and the fireworks they have. Cause after the work is done. We will be having a cookout, bonfire, smoke sessions and fireworks.

Labor in exchange for cannabis and cannabis products

I am about to break in a few and also roll up a few doobies

As I like to keep high while working. It keeps my pain down and makes working more enjoyable. Speaking of which my husband needs my helping hand to hand him things so till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so fire that shit up.



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A friend who works for weed, is a pothead indeed!!


I pay well even if I am paying in pot lol


That tincture is flame. 5 drops before bed, walla.


Oh yeah I did give you some of that when you visited didn't I? I forgot that I did and thanks I am pretty proud of it.