Foster dog homed with a friend

last year

We had such a long day yesterday

6 hours round trip and many many phone calls, social media posts a childhood friend of my husband came through for us and said bring me the dog if it goes well he can stay with me. He doesn't have any dogs so I believe this will be a good fit for the pup and our friend too as he just finished up Chemo and has a CT scan next week if it is clear he is done with treatment. His bloodwork looks good and having an animal can help you recover quicker. When we took him to our friend I decided to twist one up and also take him a bottle of my tincture to him. And our friend will make sure the dog gets his CBD.


He has been using cannabis products

To help combat his cancer so I thought he would enjoy the tincture. We smoked the doobie and then a bit later before we left he tried the tincture and like it. Said it was strong said it was like taking a shot and the kick to his buzz was awesome. I told him to let me know what his scan shows if there is anything left I can reduce and make RSO for him.

He didn't know what RSO is

So I told him about it and made him promise to youtube some videos and research it. As RSO is the way to go IMO if you have cancer even if you also do Chemo and Radiation. Though for me if Cancer ever affects my body I will do RSO first before trying Chemo and or Radiation. But that is a personal choice I have thought a lot about and I am not telling anyone that is what they should do.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Thats a very good thing to happen. That was a beautiful dog and is a lovely animal. Getting him a home is a very satisfying thing. I actually had been very close to dogs and i know how they feel and react. They are more emotional then humans in my opinion.


I hated to have to home him any where if I could have kept him I would have but we have three dogs and our Big dog and him did not get along they both wanted to be Alpha. So to protect them both he had to go some place else, I am so relieve though it is with a close friend and we can go visit him which we are doing later on today.

Glad you found a good home for the pup and hope it all works out good for both of them!

Great effort @tecnosgirl, I'm glad you found a home for the lucky pooch. Bong on. :-)