A long sad day

6 months ago

It has been a long day

It started off fairly well, I dosed, did some art, made a post about said art. Then I recieved an order for $120 candy which I was able to fill with-in a few hours. Went to go fill the order and right after the transaction was taken care of my phone rang.

It was the neighbor of my sister-in-law

He had been trying to get a hold of her for two days and couldn't get her to answer and today decided to peak in her window and he was pretty sure she was on the floor dead. To hurry over, we were already in town when the call came because my candy order was in the same town so it only took us a few minutes. I have a set of keys to her house and let ourselves in.

We were hoping on the drive over there that she just passed out because of her meds. But sadly her neighbor was correct. She has passed away sometime between Wednesday Night and Today. We think it was Wednesday night or Yesterday because of how we found her.

So then we had to call 911

An ambulance and the police came. The police questioned us and then left and then the ambulance took her away to the morgue. She was in bad health but we don't know the cause of death yet.

Now we have to find someone to come and pick up her 25 cats and her dog

We can't bring her dog home as he doesn't get along with our dog. And there is no way into the freaking hell I am bringing 25 cats home. Nope no way, forget that. The house smelled so bad because the litter boxes hadn't been cleaned in at least a day. I suspect maybe 2 days.

So it has been a long freaking day

Without proper dosage after all this happened and I am in lots of pain from my fall earlier this week so now that I am home I am going to double dose. Gonna pack up some of this pretty nug up and hit on the honey straw a bit and try to numb the physical pain and numb the loss feeling I am feeling. Then I am gonna go shower and scrub the smell of her house off of me as those cats stunk up the house bad and I swear the smell is now on my clothes, skin and hair.


It has been a long sad day

It sucks losing people we love. We don't know the cause of death yet, but I have a feeling it was an accidental overdose as she had lots of health problems that caused her pain and was on lots of different type of opiates. I kept trying to get her to use cannabis instead.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass and please send my family your healing vibes, and or prayers.




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Sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope you feel better soon, it must be hard for you. Just sit back have a smoke and think of the good times you spent together. Bong on. :-(

Wow... that's sad. Sucks you had to go through that. I hope you get to feeling a bit better about it. How many days were the animals left there with her? poor animals. I feel so bad for them. where will they all go?


Thankfully there are many no kill options from the animal shelter, to the animal rescue to the human society. We are hoping to find some place ourselves for the dog but so far no luck so likely he will have to go too. I am heart sick over it.


I bet. Its a lot. Because animals are special little people. Its easier letting them go when you know theyll have a great life but when they go in there, you hope thst they stsy no kill, or they get adopted quickly. I know. I found this little dog under the rail (metal, side of highways) hiding from rain, drenched. I felt horrible. I took him hpme he had mange. Parasites. I had to take him because i couldn't deal with it. He was sick. It was beyond my control. It broke my heart. 💚 time and cannabis and it will be better.

Everyone has to pass through that stage(death) but still it hurts to loose someone. We just can't get used to that even knowing that it has to happen and it keeps happening but we are never ready for that. It always hurts, the memories, the time spent together.
Hope someday may be we can find a solution to that and stop loosing our loved ones.

Sorry to hear about the neighbor. Sounds like a rough day, I wish you some rest and peace!

Truly sorry to hear about the loss of your sister-in-law. High hopes in this time of sorrow.

That was definitely an unexpected change. I hope everything works out with the animals. Maybe since she loved animals so much and since it's near the animal shelter, you guys could donate the house to them or even rent it out to them for another office space. I know that her love for animals was like no one else I have seen. I didn't know her really well but every time we got the chance to talk she would mention her babies!! Much love.


Not completely ours to do that with the other half of the owners of the property want to become landlords we don't so we will see how it plays out.


I wasn't thinking about that. Well hopefully if they do it, it will bring them even closer together. Positive vibes☺

Sorry for the loss, It sucks to see another on pills like that and it take them early

25 cats? Wow.. sorry to hear you had to go through that, you could call the animal protection services or the local govt/council rather than rehouse them yourself.


Oh yeah 25 and I know... It looks like we will be having the government to help us get them in shelters as they are weird around here, won't do owner surrenders and since she left everything she owned to her brothers they are now their problem, nope can't do it, I am calling one of the cops that came out last night who I have known all my life to help us get them to come and seize them for us.

So sorry for your loss. Such a shame that these doctors just load people up on this drugs. There has got to be a better way, at least options that are legal. There is no magic bullet, but cannabis is almost it.