A busy Monday

8 months ago

Today was supposed to be an short easy day

I made month worth of candy for my parents yesterday. Dropped it off this morning then wasn't supposed to have anything else to do. I got up smoked a bowl and left to take my parents their candy and to visit for a bit. They are both responding well to it. Though dad is reporting some hot flashes but he was shivering cold all the time before so that is a good sign. That is the only side effect he has had so far. Then after that visit we decided to go have breakfast as we left before eating and one of our favorite breakfast places is in the same town my parents live in.

While waiting for our food I got an SOS

A long time friend needed to go from one town to another to file emergency paperwork for his son. His son's mother is in prison and her parents have his kid but without a court order or guardianship. They refuse to hand over his son so he needed a ride to file court papers. They took the kid for McDonald's and didn't bring him back. It is a cluster-fuck needless to say.

The police say it is a private matter without a court order. That floors me as he as proof he is the father, proof they don't have don't have a right to have his son but he has to file with the court to get his kid turned backed over to him. It is messed up and wrong. So when I got the SOS. We finished our breakfast and went to go give him a ride to where he needed to go. The judge should rule on it within 48 hours as it was filed as an emergency order, through the prosecutor office.

But to get it all done

They had us to the sheriff then the city police then back to the prosecutor, then back to the sheriff then to a detective before having to go back to the prosecutor again. It took the rest of our day. But in 48 hours our friend should be reunited with his son.

Then when we finally got home

We discovered to make dinner we needed to run to the store. As it was now nearing 7 pm and past time for dinner. I got dinner done and finally am sitting down to smoke a Doobie.


I am sitting here

And have fired this Doobie up thinking wow what a long freaking day. I planned on being home today working on the spare room. But instead spent the day helping a friend. I was running around all day and tomorrow is gonna be similar as I have to take the car in for some warranty work. It is also that time for my warehouse store run which I do approximately every 6 weeks. I only keep the membership cause I like the membermark toilet paper and the cat litter. (I am almost out of TP)


Scrolling through smoke.io

Catching a buzz and finally relaxing after a long say is nice. I am even seeing a couple of new users today I have seen before and their content seems to be their own. Yippee as those who know me know I hate that copy and paste type content shit as I can't stand those who spam the platform. It is nice not to see that right off today.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Today was supposed to be an short easy day

The best laid plans... and all that

Nothing beats a doobie after a hard days work, nothing.

It's good to hear that they awill get their son back.


It crazy the grandparents don't have custody of the kid but he has to go to court to get his child. Messed up system we have.