Sneak peak and shout out

in #life
6 months ago

This is gonna be a short small shout out.
Better post coming tomorrow with review.

About 2 weeks ago @closetcanada had an auction for some seeds.
Just wanna show that it arrived today with an awesome extra little goodie.


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Awesome.... super cool Wolfgang Logo too.i should have kept bidding.


Yup, 10$ was waay to low this auction should hit 40$ min

Nice. Should be a great harvest.


Yup i have never grown these but I can't wait to pop a couple

Alien OG nice man!


This is my first time having it😁

Nice score mate, they should keep you in business for a while. Bong on bro. :-)


Thanks it was worth the 10$ haha hope next time his auction goes a lot higher

Those look pretty! Lucky you man! Ultimate freedom to grow it at your own house :smokehigh:


O yeah, an wait to pop a couple today.

Maybe I’ll try again in a couple more weeks?! See how it goes.