SMOKE.NETWORK HQ Mockup - You can use Mockup to promote please!

5 months ago

Another Smoke branding mockup!

Welcome to use it for any form of promotions!

smoke business branding mockup.jpg

#SMOKE #cannabis #cryptosmokers

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PS: the URL is not used a lot. Most users come directly to

Also, as a community, we don't really promote/focus on the "get paid" part as it tends to bring specific behavior which is focused more on getting monniezzzz than on actually building and developing a community. Advocating a plant and its uses.

On a personal note, content marketing and sharing great content found on the platform works better than the limitless queue of designs. Without content those are more often than not... pretty but of very little use. There's only that many "limitless designs" which can be promoted or appeal to actually attract. There has to be some meat on the bones, or leaves on the branch.

Lastly, brand identity also matters IMHO. Hundreds of unsolicited designs usually just create a cacaphony. My 2sat.

PPS: Smoke.Network has no HQ. We are decentralized, just like Bitcoin. There will never be a physical address for a collection of open-source repositories. The network is decentralized software network, not a physical entity.


Thanks again for your input @unnamed !


Btw while you design, are you skilled with graphics specifically infographics?

Pretty sure we could make some solid info graphics to promote Smoke (but not canva app level lol).

If that's something down your alley, would gladly help with researching the data and if wanted even write the surrounding post as well for you.

More work to them but a good infographic can also be converted in multiple social cards, so there's a second post in each infographic as well.