My $100 haul

6 months ago

Happy Thursday, everyone
20190829_092641.jpg I was running a bit low on my dabs so I made a trip to my second favorite dispensary (the 1st is obviously the one i work for 😉) and see what kind of deals I could get.

So for just under $100 I picked up 3 of Raw Garden's live sauce because its always reliable for the price ($32gram) and the taste is very consistent.
20190829_093038.jpg Have you tried Raw Garden yet?

A modest scoop...

With a touch of THCa powder (Harambe Kush 99%)


Trying to update with new content daily/every other day, I hope you guys have enjoyed this edition of $100 haul.

#weedcash #money #dabs

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how high are you man 😀


Always staying lifted. 👌 @Jessica


@sergiofasho tell us what the 🌎 looks like from up there

Looks pretty dope. You got one of the coolest jobs out there.