Free weed is my favorite weed!

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6 months ago

So there won't be a weed review today because I had a lot going on in life (car work to be done, party to attend, etc.) But it just so happened that I got a very pleasant surprise from the person I'd least expect... MY DAD!!

BACKSTORY: So my dad is also conveniently my mechanic and just as we were finishing up he gives this Gatorade bottle and I was very confused since my dad despises weed.. or so I thought? I asked how he got it and his response was "he knows a guy"? 🤔

No doubt I was a little hesitant at first but after looking and smelling* it a little closer its actually pretty impressive for something that was given as a random gift.

*smell: very heavy lemon/citrus notes coming from this one suggesting a sativa-dominant hybrid.

20190906_183449.jpg I'll probably update on this post tonight or tomorrow about how it smokes down below for those interested.

Overall though im very thrilled to have gotten ~half oz on top of another special treat that'll be shown at a later date. 😉

Until next time 😎

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Enjoy the party bro looks like some dangerous nugs puff pass out you know lol

Damn that looks super good! I’ve never seen someone use a Gatorade bottle, cleaver.

Nothing is better than Home Grown Free weed.... no chemicals or pesticides.

heck yeah free weed!! :D