[Blog] My weekly pick up

6 months ago

Finally a little #variety...

Korova: RuntsKings Garden: JDOGWest Coast Sunrise: Half Dome
Guild: SFV OG ( #CBD )Humboldt Farms: GMO CookiesNA
NAMX (aka Moxie): Kiwi & Wifi MintsNA
NARaw Garden: Cookie Pie #4 (Diamonds)NA

I know I've been going very heavy on dab posts lately so I wanted to showcase a little mix of some product I bought while we had 30% off for #Labor Day.

20190904_093324.jpg Half Dome: This Sativa strain is rich in citrus smell, like smelling a fresh squeezed orange/tangerine. ~22%THC
*This strain will probably get a closer review Friday.

20190904_093336.jpg Not shown yet: The Raw Garden diamonds need to be kept in the fridge when not in use so they dont melt/lose terps.

20190904_093400.jpg I know GMO cookies looks practically empty since they black out the bottoms but rest assured there is plenty of pungency coming from this jar. ⛽


The diamonds were by far the product i was excited to pick up again (for $36 this time 🤑)


And now that I'm done blogging and sharing its time for me to start testing some of these out!
Until next time... Stay lit. 👌

#Dab #Weedcash #Blog

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That flower looks like the fire

$36 for diamonds??? I have to pay $100/g where I'm at (but thankfully I can atleast source them). Even with the conversion rate, if you are US, that's a smokin deal.👌

P.S If any Canadian West Coaster has/is a plug for diamonds HMU!! 🙏💎🔥

The gold concentrate jar is pretty cool, good haul 👍

That’s a sweet selection, bud!
Some fine concentrates never steer u wrong 😉
Killr deal on the diamonds 💎, they get pricey here in MD but we get deals (not like that tho..lol)