Time to start my journey...

My name is Jayden (You can call me Pixels). I am 23, FtM, a Cannabis Patient and Influencer, Music Producer and Photographer. Born in the UK and now living in North Germany with my fiancé!

I smoke to kick these conditions into the curb:
*Restless Leg Syndrome
*Chronic Asthma
*Bipolar Disorder II
*Chronic Fatigue
*Clinical Depression
*PTSD (Sexual & Emotional Abuse)

Oof..I know it looks like alot, but it could be worse.. I could be dead? Or in prison? Y’know.

My goal on this site is to bring the misunderstood ailments that I have into the limelight, and discuss (while smokin’ a doob or two—or three-) how cannabis CAN and WILL help those with invisible illnesses, and how we can all manage them with both CBD and THC together.

Most importantly, I am here to crush the stigma surrounding chronic pain illnesses and mental health with cannabis. Not all of us are wheelchair bound and ‘lame’, nor are we ‘insane, pot driven people.’ most of us want to be able to thrive and follow our dreams just like everyone else! And it starts with the right medicine, mindset and will power!

I hope we can all come together and get up close and personal with our conditions, and grow together as open minded patients or viewers.

Because thats all that they are—conditions.

They do not define you, me or anyone else.

We all have a purpose on this Earth, and while that may come across as a rose tinted glasses point of view, I promise you—the world has absolutely no limits, and your illness/condition, should never ever come inbetween your life goals (if they are reasonable and reachable!)

Nice to meet you all! And Cheers!🌬

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IG: @ohanagangrecords

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Damn mate... That's quite the list of ailments.

I'm just glad that cannabis has the ability to make them all, at the very least, manageable for you. You're right, I suppose, it could be worse, but I'm just glad that you've got something that can help you with all of that. I can't honestly say I even know what I'm ailed with... as I haven't been to a doctor in a loooong time and that long ago, I didn't have the issues I do now... but I know it's nothing as serious as any of those (Just intensely deep depression at the most?) so I am proud of u for being able to keep it all together. That's admirable for sure!

Cheers to you being here and definitely looking forward to seeing more from you!

Welcome to the Smoke community!

Looking forward to your contributions. Toke on. 🦇

Hi there. Nice to have you here. Hope you find your fun inhere. Can' wait to see what type of content you will bring in.

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Thank you for the heads up!💨

A big welcome aboard my man! Germany sounds great, know one friend who's wife is from there and lives in England with him, they make frequent trips in-between. Looking forwards to see you settle in around here and tell us more!

P.S. This post as a way of welcome to genuine new user was rewarded with 5 SMOKEBIT from @officialfuzzy


Germany is a great place to start in Europe. Amsterdam is on my agenda too!

Herzlich Wilkommen, Pixels.
A Cannabis Patient in Germany … I am intrigued. How did you manage that?


I think the EU medical cannabis laws are becoming more relaxed, but it's not like USA dispensaries?


I just researched it. Seems it got much easier already, yes. Ha, good we had that talk. I am going to talk to a therapist about it …


Pro Tip: If you are planning to get medical cannabis in legal EU countries, bring ALL of your doctors notes! Or you will spend months going through another diagnosis and elimination process before even getting the discussion started about it. Also—BE INSURED! Health Insurance is a legal requirement in the EU, without it, no medical cannabis, or other medications, unless you pay for it privately.

Welcome to #smoke! Glad to have you with us.

Welcome to the Smoke Family.

Welcome to smoke mate!!! good to have you here!!

Welcome to the smoke network. What are your favourite strains? Also how do you find the German medical cannabis system?


The medical cannabis community in Germany is honestly one of its own kind. The people are open minded, liberal and wholesome to say the least, great sense of humour, excellent quality is being seen more often than before, and the whole country (besides the conservatives) is down to earth about Cannabis! The system is lenient, firm but fair and definitely needs a little push, but fair nonetheless.

My favourite strains are Holy Grail, Wedding Cake, Lemon Haze, Strawberry Banana and OFV3. I prefer heady Hybrids and Indicas.


Welcome and nice to meet you 🔆

"Most importantly, I am here to crush the stigma surrounding chronic pain illnesses and mental health with cannabis"



It’s about time we help the world learn someway or another! 🌈

Welcome to SMOKE!

Welcome to the smoke family I too blog about being a medial patient but one of the things I blog about here is being a black market patient so I totally get what you are saying. Sometimes someone doesn't look like they have health issues but looks are deceiving.