Weed VS Crypto?

last year


Weed and crypto are my favourite things in the whole wide world. (OK, and girls tоо.) But If I had to choose I would choose weed over crypto every time! Try to imagine you are trapped on a deserted island in a remote corner of the world. What could you do with your Bitcoins there? Or maybe your internet service provider decided to cut your internet connection. Maybe you put $1000 in the crypto market during the bear market last year. Or you lost your private keys and have no access to your wallet. Just imagine you are on a date with a smoking hot girl, or boy, I don't judge. Would you show her/him your crypto portfolio or you rather roll a fatty and have a blast? I know crypto is great and all but you can't really roll a joint on a Bitcoin, can you?

Share your thoughts. If you had some spare money would you rather buy weed or crypto?

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I can roll a joint on my BTC..



Haha, Touché!
I stand corrected.

I'll manage to find some sort of balance ;)


That's the key.

Invest first in food and weed/tools.

FIAT for Crypto is just money you have left over and would be worthless either in the long run.

I live only on cryptocurrency and my passion for cannabis is growing at an high rate. I want to become a cana-vegan. Spend only crypto and eat only cannabis infused foods.