That was out of curiosity___ but Ignorance Excuses No One

3 months ago


Hello there smokers! Tonight I will be sharing with you one of my most unforgettable moments when I was a kid. Believe me guys, I have already tasted that pungent-like taste of marijuana due to curiosity. Curiosity kills as the saying goes, but during that time, we were not buried though. We just buried our heads, clasping our ears!

Things do happen the least expected. Young as we were, tried to eat what old goatie chewed over a broken fence. That was edible we uttered with a hush. Perhaps, we can try it too. We used to roam around the sugarcane plantation pretending to be Japanese soldiers. The young ones hid pretending to have escaped from prison. To our surprise, there were plants in the midst.

We thought that they’re another variety of cassava plant. It was a better place for our hide and seek game. Our elders used to tell us how they survived during the war by eating raw foods. We pretended to be survivors and we ate the leaves. It tasted like of a stale weed, our ears felt like being stung hot. We ran and got some young sugar cane and peeled it with our own teeth. It tasted so sweet since it was the green variety and tender one, unlike the red-violet colored canes which they grow abundantly with those ‘cassava’ plants inside.

That became our secret hiding place too. Our rendezvous continued. We noticed that an old man was wrapping the dried leaves with a thicker dried berry leaf too. We tried like what the man did. We puffed and puffed. It felt good and it smelt good. Our heads spun___ we laughed at the way things happened around us, the world was spinning we said. There was total blackout. We woke up (still groggy) swaying and heard noises and shouts calling our names. They said it was a raid. I knew then that it was a marijuana plantation in the middle of a sugar cane plantation. Well, we did it out of curiosity and there’s a saying that ‘ignorance excuses no one’. And so, we decided to keep our secret until now.

As I read about marijuana on this site, I have observed happy people with their experimentations and whereabouts, their salads and all that. I have read that the rich and the famous smoke just to ease their strains. This Sativa and Indica indeed played an important role in their lives. Others use it for medical reason, beauty factors, for leisure hours, add in to their salads___ I have tasted cheesy pesto sprinkled with edible “sat” they said… just enough to make you feel good and yes, it felt really good.
In addition, those gummies in my cereals are perfect for your morning routine! I just had one you know and I already have some things in mind once I find some leaves poking from the other side of the fence.

Sativa and Indica is a complete package, no synthetic ingredients. I for one, am in favor of its legalization. You make money out of it and you spend less for your health deficiency. What more can you ask?

Thank you for reading and more puffs to all!

Note: I would like to thank you all who have made my posts colorful through your upvotes despite its simplicity.

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That is why you are so healthy until now because you were puffing when you were a kid.. Hit hit pa more! Now that you are living in a province, you can secretly plant inside your vicinity. Just like @indaymers.When there is a soldier roaming around bring it inside your room. jejejeje


Yeah, I guess so. Who would think it was prohibited, when we used to eat raw foods as part of our perishing religion during that time. Actually, it's similar to our sweet potato tops salad. lol! And yes, there's one at the corner most part of our neighbor's garden. That's another secret haha Oh well, it's not my secret afterall, it's theirs. Thanks dear!

Thanks for sharing this secret! 🤫 🤐


YW dear. It connects with this smoke issue and sharing a little secret is fun. Thank you for being here.

I appreciate your being transparent @sarimanok, despite of being so young at that time your curiosity is not a hindrance to know about cannabis. And i am happy that you're brave enough to share your secret to us. ☘️..


It's the product of our curiosity young as we are @butterfly. It was like eating too much raw ripe cocoa seeds. We used to eat the pulp and put it on a basket for drying. It made us sleepy too. Anyways, we did it once or twice before knowing that it was prohibited and that was it. Our old folks were vegetarians you know so we never expected the bad side effect of those "cassava leaves" . LOL..Thanks my dear butterfly for hopping in here.

we decided to keep our secret until now.

it's ok to tell all at the smoke community because nobody knows in your place and nobody knows @sarimanok too, anyway during the 80's mj is just like a scattered wild weeds at the hilly backyard that is so common in most parts of the Philippines until one day the authorities ordered to uproot all those and burned, so that was the last glimpse of a wild weeds in that backyard.
keep on sharing your secrets here, lol!
smoke on!


Precisely else you go to prison. Those are secrets of long ago and unveiled now. Then, it's no longer a secret, right? Growing up and learning how to cope with the present generation is overwhelming, especially that the congress has been discussing profusely as to its legalization. Am pretty sure their reigns will finally loosen up and accept cannabis the way it should be in line with signature drugs for the sick people.