My Trip to Nowhere Land

last year


Hello there Smokers! How are you all today! I would like to share something which may be already ordinary to you since it's what we've been talking about here: the wonder plant.

You know, I was on my way to our farm when I met a close family friend just beside the road. We said hello and he invited me for a snack and pick some fresh peanuts and young coconut for dessert. I couldn't refuse when it comes to peanuts! And much more, the fresh juice of young coconut.

We passed along a wide cassava plantation and he promised to send me a handful for my cassava cake. The plants seemed to be well taken care of, I said.

It didn't came into my mind that something was in there, scattered in between the dense plants. They're Marijuanas! I pretended not to notice but my heart was beating fast. Oh my! I wish I can ask for some but saying so will mean I've detected their 'little' secret.

After some time, I bade them goodbye thankful for the heavy snack.

As we passed by again, there were workers around the wide rice paddies, watching me closely.

I took a deep breath and while on our way out, I secretly managed to take a shot of the 'cassava plants'! I wish I had a closer shot but I didn't want them to be suspicious of my being there and much more taking photos! Lol

Oh well, I didn't know how to approach him, that I only wanted some samples. It's too risky.

This is the life of people who wanted to rise from poverty but was curtailed due to prohibitions. Sad to say, they seized it and make it as experimental to study and for legalization medical marijuana, FOR FREE.

Well, perhaps it's not yet high time to make my move. In time, I will.

          *** Sarimanok ***



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Don't dare to come again.. You will be subject for a very bad consequences. Anyway, its a good timing and thank you for posting it here @sarimanok


Yeah, it was unexpected and that was not our purpose actually. My friend only invited me for a snack too. Or perhaps they know I won't do anything foolish to put them into hot water. It's their liability too not mine, so it's best to be on the safe side. Thanks for your concern @lawlai. Frankly, I had other things in mind but you're right.

Better not, they might pinpoint at you too when you knew they have it there in their plantation. When I go back to homebase, I will send you some seeds ....


I guess you're right @indaymers.. I seldom visit there since it's too remote so we decided to have it leased instead. Our family donated a portion of the land to put up a school in that area hence people had this "debt of Gratitude" treatment to us but things changed after Martial Law.. It's only near the farm you know. Oh well, that would be great! Thank you in advance!


Oh well, am not even sure it was right for me to post this situation here since other smokers ignored my post. I was thinking this is the right place to talk about it. Sigh....


It’s because the post carries no evidence whatsoever, the picture does not show any trace of cannabis plants either when zoomed in.

It may just as well be a vapid claim. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PS: this should be taken for consideration as it is valid feedback, not bashing you.


I will show you once I will have a closer look and not only zoomed in okay. But let me tell you this, that is the usual strategy of these planters because cassava leaves have similar shapes to that of mj. I am not telling tales just to brag. You are underestimating my capability but I will show you my claim. Am not playing games here @unnamed! What if I say, that the marijuanas were not in its full growth, will you still see it above those leaves! Use your coconut shell!

Sad to say, they seized it and make it as experimental to study and for legalization medical marijuana, FOR FREE.

Do you have any sources for this because my contacts with DoH just stated there are no official medical marijuana studies taking place, and definitely not with confiscated marijuana as the PDEA usually burns confiscated crop.


I am referring to my previous post in connection to Thailand's medical research where they used the seized mj for their medical research. So you're also doing your own invistigation with DOH. For what purpose? Are you part of our inteliigence team? You still don't know how the Pinoy works even under du30's rule so don't be too assuming that you know everything! Burnt down? Are you sure? Lol!