A Friend's Token____Sugar-Coated Gummies?

last year


Hello dear Smokers! Had a good puff? Me, I guess I just had one indirectly speaking. You know, my friends said that they have something special for me to fill my old beak. Oh yeah? And what would that be this time?

Oh dear, cereals to feed someone like me. The joke was on me again! But knowing them myself, I knew they have something fishy plots along the way, still looking at the sealed bottle. Anyways, I still gave justice to my cereal gift.
Indeed, it was palatable.

After while, I felt something hot on my cheeks and at the tip of my earlobes. Perhaps am allergic to one of the nuts in my cereal. Am a nut lover since my younger days and I won't buy it!

To solve my suspicion, I segregated the nuts from the oats.
I can see they're different kinds of nuts such as cashew nuts, squash nuts, pumpkin nuts, pili nuts, walnuts, almonds, black raisins...


____and gummies. There. Case closed. I was too sleepy to read my research about gummies...
I had a dreamless sleep for four hours. That was cool!


Now I know, my friends truly loves me. They were aware of my health issues. My cereals was sprinkled with love!
There___I am reading about Cannabis-Infused gummies and how to DIY along with Cannabis Tinctures 101. I guess I can do it.

This is the only option that I have just in case since cannabis is still a taboo here in our place. Meaning it cannot be found over the counter yet there are still other means to hide it just like my cereals. It's such a waste to burn it down when others can use it for medication.

Thank you and have a cool puff to the moon and back!

#health #lifestyle #edibles #cannabis

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Pretty nice friend you have.


Yes, they truly are. They were there for me through my ups and downs. It's very important for us to have a proper sleep despite all odds. In my case, 3-4 hours is all I have when I do my writing online. That's my means of coping with my insomnia. At least I earned a living instead of making it a problem. Now, my friends wanted me to just relax and so did I. Thank you for coming dear.

I will be with you in your dreams.. Jejejeje


My pleasure dear..^_^

  ·  last year

Damn thats looks great cheers

I am avoiding friends that loves to feed me because they make me 85kg and it is frustrating to see my fitted clothes replaced by xxxx sizes, that's why when the called at our house I told them that I am not around hahaha...
just dunno why good friends love foods and eat until they drop. lol!
smoke on!


It's their way of showing their affection my dear. It's a time when you gather around to talk about anything under the sun! Thanks for coming!