My first smoke experience

4 months ago

The first time I had my first cannabis was December 2017 at a friend birthday party,at first when I saw the thing wrapped I was afraid I taught that what is this? I said to myself till a guy took a lighter and lighted up the smoke and gave it to me the first movement I cough loud, I even coughed like half an hour before it reduce. The person that gave the smoked laughed at me and told me I was not strong, what really got me ashamed was the fact that ladies at the party were even smoking and drinking and even me which was the guy can't even smoke so I just sat down and drank some wine to cool me down. It was getting late and people were about to leave I still yet I have not received the smoke or even tried to smoke because time I try I just cough out, so I felt I couldn't do it until a lady dared me, when she dared me I was shocked and I knew that I add to convince her that I was strong to clear her doubt me, so I grabbed the cannabis for the fifth time lighted it up but initially I was afraid but I knew I had to so I just put the smoke in my mouth and closed my eyes to my expectations I didn't cough the smokes were just going in and out and since then I realized it was awesome to smokeIMG_20190319_162428.jpg

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