Another Re-Introduction

10 months ago

What's up Smokers! @jonyoudyer here. Why do I have a new account you ask? Well my Smoke password for jonyoudyer was saved on my old phone, and it is lost. I do have log in credentials saved on my work computer, so not a complete loss. But before I go any further with my Smoke blog, I am not going to take the chance, so let me introduce you all to The Saladbowl Grower!

Reaching for the sky!

I live in Salinas Valley, California. Since this is a true garden of eden, and grows 80% of the world’s lettuce, plus many more crops, we have gained the nickname “Salad bowl of the world”. When recreational was legalized here in California, we have gained the nickname “Marijuana bucket of the world “. We are catching up to Humboldt county in production. But most of the growers here are being backed by rich people from Silicon Valley. It still is a cool site to see all these greenhouse operations being set up left and right, and up and down the valley.


We are truly blessed here with great weather, and I am proud to call it my home. I keep it to myself, and focus on work, and family.


In case you are new to blockchain social media, I run the account @canna-curate. We are just a group of guys and gals who love cannabis. Along with my personal blog and Canna, I plan to bring unique value to Smoke.


Right now I am getting started on a new grow in my tent. So stay tuned for that update, also stay tuned for an announcement from Canna-Curate. I’ll give you a hint, follow @skylinebuds to check out his new grow challenge. It is going to be so epic!


#cannabis #salinasvalley #introduceyourself

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Welcome to smoke 🤣🤣🤣


Welcome back @jonyoudyer!