Youtube Rewind 2018... Why Does Everyone Hate It? What's Your Thoughts?

in #life
6 months ago

Did you watch Youtube Rewind? What did you think? Drop a comment down below and tell us about it.

Here's where you can watch Youtube Rewind

Interesting article about why Youtube Rewind 2018 was disliked

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The ads are annoying. I was paying to not see them for a while, but I need to stop having so many subscriptions to everything. It all adds up and then it wreaks havoc on my FIAT bank accounts.

They also censor anything they think might ruffle too many feathers or hurt too many feels. They can get away with it because they're so huge. They're basically the television for the very young, or so I'm told. I do my very best to avoid spending as little time as possible with children.

I don't hate it, though. It's still useful. It's a good way to check out music that isn't streaming on any of the main services.


Yeah I agree, YOutube ads are annoying but I'm unwilling to spend the money onYoutube red to get rid of them. As much Youtube as I watch I probably should pay for it but I guess I'm willing to put up with the ads. I personally don't use an adblocker but that may be a solution

It's not a reflection on Youtube 2018 at all, it shoudn't have been made lol

Woah the url.. "the massive dislike for youtubes rewind video is indica" what did I do?! :O lol


I wasn't really familiar with the Youtube rewind, but due to all the outrage I expected previous years to be more about smaller creators and more all encomassing for Youtube but honestly today I went back and watched all of them back to 2013 and pretty much they are all the same shit so I don't really get the outrage about 2018. Don't get me wrong it did suck, but so did 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 lol