Smoshe Marketplace... It's Like eBay...But for Weed Man

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Smoshe Seller Platform

Hey guys, so I recently learned of this online marketplace called Smoshe, and I figured I'd make a video and share it with you guys as well as to make you aware of it.

Smoshe is similar to an eBay, Amazon, or Etsy type marketplace however what's unique about Smoshe is it's essentially an online headshop. They allow the sale of many items which eBay or Amazon do not.

I notice a lot of new Digital Marketers and eCommerce sellers want to get into the weed niche. It can be profitable, it can be fun and creative to create content for, and it's an area a lot of people seem to want to get into.

What most people don't realize however is that it's a lot more challenging to work in this niche than selling socks or kitchen accessories. Most payment processors like Amazon, Paypal, Stripe or Shopify payments will shut down your account for selling these items. Even real merchant processors oftentimes don't allow the sale of these types of items meaning you have to go to a high risk processor which may make you put down a deposit, may limit how much you can process per month or may hold back as much as 25% of your sales for 90 days to as long as six months.

What's kind of unique about Smoshe is it's a marketplace and payment processor all in one and they allow this niche.

This platform is very similar to an eBay, Etsy or Amazon, a little less polished but you have the ability to setup a store, to have a profile, to have listings. They charge 12% processing fees plus 0.35 cents per transaction and they pay out twice a month on the first or the 15th via either Paypal or bank wire and they charge a $1 processing fee to cash out your earnings.

Just wanted to make you guys aware of this site if this is a niche any of you have an interest in getting started in.

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12% processing fee is insane. That is higher than my State Sales Tax Rate. Ahh...the side effect of the drug war. I hope to see this remedied in my lifetime.

Nevertheless, it is nice to see someone trying to give the market an avenue to purchase items usually frowned upon by close minded people still stuck in the past.


12% is actually very reasonable considering all factors. Amazon charges 15%, ebay charges 6% to 9% plus Paypal will hit you with another 2.9%.

If you opened up your own shop you'd have to get a high risk payment processor which could charge on the low end 4%, more likely 7% to 16%

So considering you get access to a pool of buyers and a platform, plus you don't have to deal with payment processing and for less than eBay or Amazon actually isn't bad at all.

The one thing I'm not really sure of is how many buyers or customers and how much traffic are they getting.


That's a very fair breakdown for comparison. Thanks for that.

Don't see any benefits for using this. Fees as high as on other platforms and no crypto payment.

I am more interested on EasyLife Marketplace, based on the Bitshares Blockchain.


I'm all for crypto but let's be real, about 0.001% of people are gonna pay with crypto, especially considering these are legal products and it is possible to get processing although more expensive. I'm not familiar with easylife I'll have to check it out


Just checked out EasyLife doesn't even seem to be a live project