Smoke Network Marijuana Fact of the Day 12/18/2018

6 months ago

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I am one of the 70%. Alcohol is just nasty.


I haven't had alcohol in decades. Aside from a sip to test my homemade wine or cannabis tincture I have no use for alcohol- unless it's added to the breading of a nice cod (beer basted coating)


You gotta try beer can chicken one of my favorite things to grill in the summer


Over the years I've really been turned off by alcohol. When I was younger I used to party and binge drink.Over the years I matured and got out of that phase but would still occasionally go out and have some drinks with friends on a Friday or Saturday night. These days however I just really don't dig alcohol. It tends to give me a headache after even only a beer or two, it makes you feel bloated, leaves kind of a gross taste in my mouth, sometimes leaves you with a hangover. I'm much more so a smoker these days. Recently I've been getting into wine a bit, on a Saturday night I may have a glass of wine and spark up a couple bowls but that's about the extent of my drinking

And yet alcohol is legal- to some extent with the exclusion of DUI's and DWI's, which you can still receive if you are intoxicated/ under the influence of cannabis.

How long did alcohol's prohibition last? How many years? Versus how many DECADES of federal law and cannabis' illegalization?

Most people who consume cannabis do it at home... in their jammies while eating pizza and binge-watching TV shows... whereas alcohol is served at bars, restaurants, state fairs, fundraisers, country clubs (you get the idea) and people have to drive home after consuming.


Alcohol and how it's accepted in society is so funny to me. If were being honest nobody goes out to a bar to have one beer, people go to a bar to either get drunk or get buzzed. It's so funny to me that it's pretty much socially acceptable to go get inebriated and then hop in your car and drive home from the bar. I realize there's campaigns against drunk driving and even the "buzzed driving is drunk driving" but the reality is most people, yes even "responsible" or socially respected people probably push the limit in terms of having drinks and driving.

I think alcohol is so ingrained into society that it's never going to go away even though most people realize it is more harmful and more dangerous than weed but its been around for so long, its a social lubricant, its part of celebrations and business is conducted over it so its not going anywhere. Its funny how our societies attitudes are so different towards these two substances.