How to Pass an Employment Drug Test 1000% Guranteed No Gross Drinks

5 months ago


So if you're watching this video I'm going to assume you have a pre-employment drug test comming up. Maybe Marijuana is legal in your state, yet you still will be denied a job for engaging in a completely legal activity.

Well no fear, in this video I'm going to show you the best way to pass a drug test.

Yes there's drinks on the market, some work others don't. Even if the drink is good you typically have to follow very specific instructions regarding the time after you take the drink and when you take the drug test as there's oftentimes a very small window where you'll pass. Also everyone's body is different and reacts differently so it's possible you won't pass with a drink.

Also, many times drinks, as well as the goofy methods of drinking jello gelatin or Certo will make you uncomfortable, it's unpleasant to drink huge amounts of liquid, some of these methods will give you an upset stomach.

In this video were talking about using synthetic urine. It has all the solids and normal things found in urine but is fake urine. The most popular of these kits is called Quick Fix and is sold on Amazon for about $12 with Prime shipping, however if your in a bind and don't have 2 days to wait for shipping you can typically find quick fix or another brand at a local smoke shop or head shop. In my case I found a different brand but same product.

These will come with the liquid premixed so no powders you have to mix. It has a temperature gauge right on the bottle so you know your at the optimal temperature to not be suspected of cheating and it comes with a heat pack that will last for 8 hours giving you a large window to go take your test.

What I like about this method is as long as you have the proper temperature which is stupid easy to do and as long as you tuck this discretely in a pair of tight boxer briefs and can get it into the bathroom you'll have no issues passing your test.

If you have questions about this product or anything else feel free to drop a comment.

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