How Drug Testing Facilities Detect Fake Urine

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5 months ago


So earlier I made a post talking about a synthetic urine product used to pass drug tests. I stumbled upon this video on Youtube which shows what the drug testing facilities are looking for in fake urine.

As the video states they don't seem to be able to with 100% certainty tell you're using fake urine, they can only suspect it. What they look for is an odd smell. I think it's safe to say a low paid Question Diagnostics employee is not going to be smelling pee so your safe there. THey also say fake urine doesn't bubble and the guy in the video is showing Quick Fix. I thought they were a good brand but it doesn't seem like their fake urine bubbles as much as some other brands so something to keep in mind. Lastly he does a dip stick test that he says lights up pink for "nitrates". It doesn't seem he can say with

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