2 Awesome Interviews Comming Up Thursday & Friday Steemian @KenanQHD & RJ Martinez

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5 months ago

KenanQHD https://www.youtube.com/user/amneziac

RJ Martinez https://www.youtube.com/rjmartinez

Hey what's up guys. Just wanted to make a quick housekeeping video and let you guys know about a couple interviews we have comming up tomorrow and Friday.

Tomorrow we have KenanQHD. Kenan is a Canadian Expat living in China and teaching. He has a great Youtube Channel which I've linked to above where he talks about being an expat, what life in China is like and often takes us on tours of the city. He also has a background in Amazon FBA and since he's on the ground in China could be a great resource for those of you looking to source products.

On Friday we have The King of Amazon Merch RJ Martinez. I've been following RJ for a while and have wanted to connect with him. I just hit him up on Instagram and he agreed to come on Friday. RJ seems like a great dude and I think there's a lot we can learn from him about Merch, last I heard in a video a few days ago he was talking about doing 50-70 shirts a day so he's killing it. My Merch is suffering ATM so I'm hoping I can pick his brain and pickup some tips.

If you guys have questions for either of these awesome dudes feel free to drop them in the comments section here or tune in to the livestream tomorrow and Friday to chat with us live.

KenanQHD Thursday 01/30/19 at 6PM Central Time

RJ Martinez Friday 02/01/19 at 11AM Central Time

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Looks good. Will tune in.