Just my first post, nothing special.

4 months ago

Well I signed up IMMEDIATELY after hearing about you on the @hotboxshow @stoner

So what's up guys! Thought I'd make my first post to introduce myself✌🏼

Based on the West Rand, Joburg. Lover of the Old school strains, especially our Sativa Landraces! Still looking to find some Rooibaard & Transkei that I haven't smoked in close to 8 years.

#hotboxshow #smoke #cannabis #southafrica #dagga #420

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Nice one bud!

Finding true landraces is tough, since most of it has been cross pollinated with these heavy indica dominant Euro-Asia strains like Skunk and Blueberry.

You just said the magic words!!! "Sativa landraces", are they still around?


That's all we get here in India! Looks wise it's not all that great but it really gets you stoned. Like no functionality level stoned :p

welcome my friend .....those strains sound very interesting .maybe you could review them on smoke later if you find some ? Btw ,many,many years ago ,whilst hitch-hiking around europe,i met 2 south african bikers ,who shared a pipe with me and my friend of their " Durban Poison " .......boom! I remember laughing and almost tripping my (young ) face off...: )


Thanks @xen. That sounds like a good trip in the mountains. Yeah DP has really shown the world what SA weed has to offer.


Here's some extracts about Rooibaard(Redbeard, translated):

Rooibaard, in short, is just another Southern African landrace which originated in Transkei. Also known as Swazi Red (A blend of Rooibaard and Swazi) or Redbeard, it’s named as such for its smattering of distinctive red hairs all over the buds, where most other strains have far fewer hairs, in much less distinct covers.

It’s a high-THC, sativa landrace strain known for incredibly resinous buds, and a taste stereotypical of South African weed – earthy, coffee ground and dirt flavours, not dissimilar to that of a quality tobacco cigar.



This, however, does not do nearly enough justice to the history that this strain holds. Thanks to a lack of interest like that which Durban Poison attracted, this strain has effectively been lost. It’s been a popular strain to find around South Africa in the past, which almost anyone who smoked South African weed in the 70s-90s would have heard of. Unfortunately, it has now been lost thanks to a lack of knowledge around preserving genetics, and the all-too-common myths and stories that we find littered around weed culture worldwide

Welcome to Smoke! Looking forward to some more #dagga culture. No, I’m not in SA LOL.

Waits for the first hipster to mix up rooibaard and rooibos.

Welcome to #Smoke! Look forward to your input on your knowledge of the landrace.

Welcome to smoke.io!

Ive read about those strains, im pretty new here also but lots of great ppl.

Welcome to SMOKE.io! :D

You being here is special. There are a lot of specialties of this platform. And the biggest of them is that we have all very special people here. Helpful and friendly. You'll love it being here.