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So I'm sitting here getting ready to puff a J. I look at my assortment of smoking devices, wondering what are other smokers preference to consume flower?
Then, I thought, do people have a ritual/routine, when preparing a smoke session? Does it differ if you're smoking solo or in a group?
Now I am talking just flower, I'm curious what my fellow Smoke 'ers have to say!

For me, my favorite method for smoking flower hands down, is a joint. I dont know if it's because I also smoke cigarettes. Just the feel of it in your fingers, a smooth draw, the smell.
I like the calming effect of hand rolling a joint. Grinding your herb, laying a fat line of ground flower, waiting to be tightly wrapped in its thin cocoon. I admit, up until recently, I have used one of those joint rollers. For me, using a roller tended to make my joints run. Since I have semi-perfected my joint rolling skills, I seem to not have that run issue anymore.
Joints seem to give me the best high. Smoking a well cured flower, rolled up in a quality paper, there's nothing better.
A joint is convenient, and semi-discrete. You can throw it in a doob tube, and your out the door. It is also easy to get rid of,( best trick/video I've seen, was at a hemp festival, people tied their joints to helium balloons, if the cops got too close, they let the joint go, and it floated away. Ingenious!!!!
If you have a group, it's simple, puff, puff, pass, on the left hand side.....no one to poach your lighter, there's no piece to get back, and when your done, you can give the roach to someone who may not have any personal herb at the time.
The downside to joints, even though above, I stated they are "semi-discrete", they do emit that distinct smell quite profusely. A doob tube or any smell proof container is a good option, if you're going to be out in public.
My next favorite way to smoke, is the tried and true pipe. I prefer glass over metal, but I know plenty of old school stoners who rock a metal piece proudly! Pipes require maintenance, you not only need your piece, but flower, and in my case, a grinder. It's not quite as convenient as a joint for being out and about.
With a pipe you can also sprinkle a little kif on top, to "kick it up a notch".
In my household, the bong gets almost attention as a pipe. We have 2 bongs we use.
Our "everyday" bong is a 2' acrylic, which we dubbed, "the bladder buster" cuz it hits like a hammer, and makes you cough so hard you piss your pants.
The other bong we use is a cobalt blue glass beaker bottom from Amsterdam Designs Studio. It is a double bubbler with an ash catcher. It has ice spikes, which delivers a nice smooth hit. We usually break this out at large gatherings, or on hot days in the summer!
My last means of smoking flower, is by my tabletop vaporizer. It's a Tower Q Extreme, similar to the volcano, at half the price, made in Canada. I smoke from the whip, and while this unit has a 3 speed fan, I keep it off.
It is different, when it comes to smoking. It seems like I'm smoking cannabis flavored air. My starting temp is about 419°F, and every couple of pulls, I turn the temp up 9°. I usually get 9-12 hits off .3gm. I dont get huge vape clouds, and the high, well to me, it's different. No matter the strain, when I use the vaporizer, my high is always more heady....
As far as rituals, I dont really have them per sae. I grind all herb, I keep my smoking devices clean. I change out my bong water freguently, I use Raw papers for joints, and I keep my herb in a mason jar, in a cool, dark place.
Thanks for reading my post, I'd love to hear how yous guys prefer to smoke, and any rituals you may have. Happy tokin'

"Illegitimi non carborundum"

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My prooaggitaive would be a joint. Preferably wrapped in a thin clean paper, I suppose out of tradition a RAW 1-1/4. I do like hitting my pipe, but there is something about the joint. It says cannabis to me. The only thing that may even possibly pop into my mind before a joint would be a traditional peace pipe. However, the joint seems to occur more prevalently as I can't remember if I have ever hit a 'TRUE' peace pipe.

As for tradition, I grind my cannabis for joints, but I'm no snob, I'll break it up with my fingers if need be for a bowl. I like having a friend to pass the joint to, but with life and getting older, that is a cherished time. I guess lately, and quickly coming to an end, I liked sitting down by my plants just watching them blow in the air circulation. Now I guess I'll be traveling out to my garden for this experience.

One tradition that won't end is #RoachSunday! I love smoking up my roaches, keeping them roaches, and making more roaches....Lol Generational joints, a true stoner collectors game. The finest next to strain collection or seed collection. Also some of favorite things to take part in.

Smoke it up.....