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Hello fellow "smoke" ers.... I am very new to sites like these in general, seeing as i am a mid 40's Gen X'er. Hopefully my 420 friends can answer any questions, or help me navigate smoke.
Happy Sunday Smoke a bowl.!....

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High fellow cannasseur or should we say bud. We are delighted to have you here on!

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Welcome to smoke! Your picture didn’t post correctly. Try using the image uploader under the posting body input window.

Also make sure to enter your roach pictures to today’s #roachsunday contest! You can enter here Smoke’s Roach Sunday Contest

Again welcome to, there is a good amount of us 40+ smokers on this platform!


Check the number of votes. Check posts before and after.


Ah. Vote Un-Smoked!



Why is your post upvoted with a lot of accounts, and posts before aren't?
Something suspicious...


Not sure how the bots are searching for posts to up-Smoke, but I can verify the validity of this account! As it is a friend I turned on to smokes account!


People are automated upvoting everything

Welcome to smoke

Welcome to the smoke network, hows it going? What are your cannabis smoking preferences?


Well seeing as im in my mid 40's, i dont have a facebook, twitter, or instgram account, (I wonder if my Myspace account is still active) lol....I'm a little behind the curve with all the "@", "#" stuff.... but ill get there.
I used to dabble in growing, learned its not as easy as throwing seeds in dirt, even if youre giving your girls mad took 2 crops before i got it dialed in. Due to certain life events, i had to take a 3 year hiatus on growing, however, i will be trying hydro for the first time, in the near future.
I prefer sativas during the day and a sedative indica before bed. Im a weekend Wake 'N Baker, but during the week I wait to get home from first! Lol
I prefer joints, over pipes, flower over dabs, and am looking to get more involved with the cannabis movement in my state(Wisconsin) relaylogix is a long time personal friend of mine who turned me on to smoke.
Before I go, I am a licensed electrician, so if anyone has electrical questions pertaining to their grow rooms, I'd be happy to field them!
Well thats me in a pot seed,
Happy Smokin!

Welcome to the Smoke family.