The Holy Man With The Holy Smoke #WeedInIndia #2

5 months ago


The Hindu holy man called “sadhu” seen in this picture seems to be smoking a chillum. A chillum is a smoking device which I use sometimes invented in India used to smoke cannabis, charas or hashish. Cannabis (often called the bhang or ganja). I will be coming with my chillum stuff which i have though i use them rarely.

Coming back to the holy man in the picture, they are sadhus, India’s wandering holy men. They have renounced their worldly life, said goodbye to both their possessions and their families, and now lead a life of celibacy, ascetic yoga, and a search for enlightenment along with smoking cannabis or so called ganja in India.

What amazes me most is to see them puff away with such speed and passion that cannabis lovers like me can't resist, though i hope to live that experience one day.

My #WeedInIndia blog #2 and i hope i can come up with new, original & wonderful post, all i need is your love and support.

Thanks for reading and keep smoking!

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