My Reasons to Smoke

9 months ago

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Hi! fellow smokers, hope we all are having a high time here :)

Weed or Ganja (whatever we called it), a name that goes hand in hand with the pop culture, be it music or comedy movies and also with the artist of music in every genre.

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Everybody seems to be doing it these days and here where i am, it is kind off trend or a tradition whichever word we choose. This tradition or the trend went viral probably six or seven years ago, here in Guwahati, India( My second home).

My reasons to smoke

  • The main reason behind my attraction to weed was it's charming name 'Marijuana', isn't it? Also some music artist who did a lot of promotions here five or six years back in Guwahati through their famous Marijuana songs, the songs like Banao Banao meaning roll it (one of the most famous) by Angarag Mahanta(papon), now a famous bollywood singer. These songs had a great impact on me back then.
  • I also did some research and found that this stuff then cost me 10-25 Rupees was not a drug, nor life threatning or extremely addictive though it effects you somehow.

( Image taken a long back in 2016)

And also the fact it was not hard to find as it was cheap as for one bottle of beer , i was getting sufficient stuff for the week.

  • My Friends also played a great role in this whole great cause :) , but i'm thankful Marijuana suits me


(image taken from 2017)

and also i have maintained a routine on smoking weed, and had always followed some strict rules.

Some say
'Live like it's your last day'

And alternately i believe
'Smoke like you want it tommorrow'

Who doesn't want it?

DrfWKtZ (2).png

Thanks Guys and keep smoking!!


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We don't live only once. We die only once, but live every day!


Exactly.. That's what i believe too :)

My older generation has always said the strongest marijuana is from India and from Afghanistan and from the Chui valley... So I dream in the future to fly to India and all there to smoke...


You are most welcome here :)