I would never, did you?

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3 months ago

Once upon a time there was a kid who "never thought he would", but then he did do just that. I remember that kid.

I wonder how many of you know them?

As legend has it, his first time was when he was 13 years old, not too long after the first time he kissed a girl, a gorgeous 14 year old blonde he went to school with. She has no relevancy to the story, but it should be noted that she was very hot.

So, this kid went to a birthday party for his brother, a quiet affair with random people he didn't know and a brother he didn't know either. Well, he didn't know that his brother from time to time didn't mind a little smoke.

He was surprised by the new information and it set up a conflict I him when his brother asked, do you want to try?

"But...but... I would never..."

But he did. He had friends who were smokers and some who were full blown stoners and, they were much nicer people who threw much better parties than the friends who were drinkers and sat around listening to Nirvana. While there is nothing wrong with Nirvana, it was a thing at the time.

So, behind the apartment in the backstreet, sitting on the curb. The kid pulled his first cone through a coke bottle fashioned into a water bong. He had to be taught how to use the shot hole.

Nothing. Nothing at all. "Pffft"

A few minutes later, his eyes started to close and what could only be imagined as the stupidest grin in the world dressed his face while he slipped into a world of dream. Aware, but feeling more as a passenger on the experience, a friend riding shotgun.

The night went on forever and in an instant, it was over. Time was no longer a straight line and had become meaningless. All that mattered was the discussions with the strangers he now knew so well and, the new connection he had made with a brother that once upon a time, was a childhood thorn.

At the age of 13 he made a vow that while he may say "I will never" his experience was to the contrary and, yes he would.

When that kid thinks of limitations in this world now, he knows they are mostly self-imposed conditions learned through the dogma of culture and repetitive experience.

How much future opened up inside the mind of a 13 year old because, he did what he'd never do?

Do you know that kid?


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That kid sounds like my brother, he did and never stopped, Lol. Bong on bro. :-)