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2 years ago

Good morning,

I just realized that my smoke account crossed the 75,000 threshold which I think is kind of cool because it is growing quite well. While I am sure that there are many out there growing at a much faster rate than myself, what is great for me is that it hasn't been through posting that much but, rewarding others. I feel that this is a much healthier way for the community to develop long term even though it does mean that relatively, I wouldn't have taken advantage of maximization of earnings.

One of the goals for me in all of this crypto process is of course to get some level of financial independence for myself (not necessarily in the traditional sense) and those I care about but, I am not the kind of person who is after a Lambo and a jet-setting lifestyle. What I hope is that more and more people come into the space and can adequately benefit without the need to maximize their value as that is how the word has got into the shape it has.

Yes, projects themselves can compete for space in the attention economy by being their best but people can be their best while helping others develop too. When it comes to scarcity of resources, currently the world has a great deal to offer but distribution of it is extremely poor. I think we can do better but it takes a paradigm shift in individuals to allow this to happen.

Of course, that is difficult to do considering we all are living in a world contaminated by an attitude of maximization and competition to have more than others, despite the costs. In a globalized world of complex supply chains, maximization of profits always leads to the most vulnerable being taken advantage of and enslaved. Well, slave masters are somewhat enslaved also as their position depends on the oppression of others, they are not free, just in a prettier cage while turning a blind eye to the harm they cause but still inextricably linked to all others.

Anyway, that can be for some other time.

On side note, I am glad that the interface and options for various paths is developing on smoke and while I would love some night mode action, this is shaping up to be a very interesting project.

Have a nice day.


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Congrats! I agree with you on what kind of goal you have with crypto. I just want to be able to not really think about money as I do now, so I can concentrate on other more meaningful things.


I just want to be able to not really think about money as I do now, so I can concentrate on other more meaningful things.

This should be the goal of this world. Finding more meaning :)

Congrats man. To the 100k :)


It is going to take a little while but faster than most places I'd say :)

Wow, congrats bro you are smashing it. It sounds to good to be true, having fun talking to your friends and it pays for your lifestyle as well. It doesn't get any better than that mate, bong on bro. :-)


well, it doesn't pay for my lifestyle at all but, maybe one day.


HaHa, I meant a passive income for all of us in the future my friend, but it didn't come across like that did it, Lol. Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)

Congratulations man, you deserve it!


Cheers mate.

75K, is a great milestone
I like the way, how you think and how you support the community


In my experience, those who support the community generally end up the ones still in the community in the coming years. Always look long :)


Always you are right, I did not look long on Steemit, but I will try here in Smoke to do as your advise.

Thanks for great reply and sharing your experience.

Congratulations! This site is so nice that you can grow just by helping others. The developers had a nice idea with the 50% curation :) See you at 100 000 Smoke :)


Cheers mate. yep, 50/50 is a good idea in my opinion as it rewards both the investor and contributor without either feeling under-rewarded.

Congratulations to your milestone! That's amazingly fast! You're on your way to 100k... give it a go!


Well, I bought in very early so not so fast as I held for a long time :)

Congratulations on such an impressive number and milestone!

to get some level of financial independence for myself

For me.. the crypto realm and world is going to be there for me in the next 5-10 years when hubby retires and I have built up enough between all four current sites that I'm active on and have the money to cash in some of my coins, power, power down, whatever it takes to purchase our dream of 5-10 acres of land in a more rural part of our state so hubby can retire without a mortgage or loan payment. I am a frugal person and squirrel away as much as I can every month to be able to continue working towards this.


That sounds about right. 5- 10 years across crypto is a long time for some, a short time for those who have an understanding of the world. Good luck and keep us posted =)

congratulations RAZ :) , growing here is fast and lovely ,

Crypto for me is to help pad our retirement.


I don't ever plan on retiring so I guess my tombstone will say "hodled"


I will never 100% retire I don't think but I do want to take it easy later in my life and choose when and where I want to work. That to me is the idea retirement.

See ya on the 100k side. I may be slightly belated though. :D


Won't be too long. I am happy to see some decent content to curate too, thanks for that :)

Wow! I just recently joined this platform, but 75k seems like a huge stake to own for me at least. Congrats and keep it up @raz! 😁


It is a fair bit I guess but it is all relative and those who contribute and power up are going to find themselves very happy in a year or so.


After just a few days on this platform I am strongly considering turning some of my Steem into smoke 🤔
I just read that we have 50% curation here, and I plan on being very active so I think it could be a very beneficial investment for me as well ☺


the 50% does make it a nicer experience if having stake and for me, I am very active in other paces so finding time to post is difficult. It means I can still grow, help others grow and be part of the community without having to force content.

Hey @raz, really dig your philosophy on growth! Best of luck with your blog!

Congrats on the progress. Your content reflects your reward.

Congratulations impressive number and milestone..

Congratulations! best of luck

Congratulations! good job

Congratulations! for 75k

Congratulation dear for milestone!


Aunty, is that you? if not, please, never call me dear again...

wow.. congratulationssssss :)

Nice post
I don't have enough smoke power to begin with
Please help me
I am new and am still crawling 😘😘😘

What I hope is that more and more people come into the space and can adequately benefit without the need to maximize their value as that is how the word has got into the shape it has.

Great attitude Raz! I hope for this too.

In fact, the 'maximisation' approach seems counterproductive in a space that has 'Abundance' built into it (the gift economy, the future of crypto, sufficiency and more for all). Yet it's so deeply ingrained and FOMO is such a trigger that the simple delight of self expression, which has the side-effect of a crypto payout which will be substantial in the near future, is often overlooked and not fully experienced.

A strategy of maximisation is no fun at all; stressful and emotionally bumpy. Plus is kinda fosters superficiality and all the other Old Paradigm myths about having to 'sell' oneself for the value that someone else gives you.

This should be the goal of this world. Finding more meaning :)

.......and this kind of 'meaning' sure ain't gona come from greed, jealousy, fear etc :)

Thanks for all your support btw 🔆