When you get to the end of the cartridge...

5 months ago


The end always comes

I don't know about you but I love puffing on a fresh cartridge. Taking hits like the thing is never going to end. Maybe taking a few too many cuz the flavor was just so good. You get to a certain point though where the inevitability of it running out faces you dead on. At this point many slow it up and start to conserve. I however just keep powering forward.

Savings or quality?

My black market connect doesn't have any flavors I like so I'll probably be heading over to the dispensary to get something from there that'll suit my preferences. It'll cost me significantly more, but saving money isn't worth while to me if I'm not really getting what I want. I haven't bought a black market product for a long time because the quality has been low, but when I tried this cartridge (Jet Fuel OG) it was on point, for a discount. I told him get me 2 more next time this flavor or the King Louie comes back.

Dispensary Visit

So I guess I have a dispensary visit in store for me this weekend. Will be picking up some of the flowers we looked at and talked about from the menu I posted earlier this week. I'll have to add in at least one cartridge though. Cartridges are a must for discrete on the go usage. Plus, everyone's vaping in society these days so people just assume your vaping tobacco.

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Always a sad day :( I'm tired of buying these. At this point, I'm looking for someone (or a service) to do a bulk co2 extraction for me.

Hope you find something good!


haha, wouldn't that be nice!

Ah man. Yep that is a picture of sadness.


Yeah, I need another one lol

careful of counterfeit carts


Yeah, most black market ones I've tried are trash, these are quality and I'm super picky.

No Bueno, not what your trying to see

Which state do you live in? If your in California Bay area I'll be willing to give you a sample vape pen or two from my legal company.

Nice bro I love your courage don't give bro keep moving forward


I don't understand your comment?

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