Update from the Doctor - Back at vaping

7 months ago

Where I'm at

So I have been talking to my doctor about how I have not been able to manage my epilepsy and post concussive syndrome symptoms using just cannabis oil, in attempt to find a solution. I explained to her that I medicate not only with vaporizing dry herb, but dabbing concentrates and using the vape pens.

Where I'm going

My doctor said to go ahead and vaporize or smoke the dry flowers but to avoid using the concentrates because of the extreme heat they require. So I have reintroduced vaping flowers into my life. In the past when I have stopped using cannabis and my symptoms return it tends to take a few vape sessions before my symptoms are fully eliminated. I have noticed a reduction of pain and pressure in my head since vaping, so I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day than today was.

First vape in a week

I haven't even taken my flowers out to smell in the last week, and they smell skunkier than ever to me! I set the volcano to 340 degrees rather than my normal 446 (max temp lol). Put the bag in the freezer for 30 seconds to cool off. I handled it real well, no coughing, didn't feel like it irritated my lungs at all. I don't really feel like I've lost any tolerance, didn't feel like I got stoned really. I've had this volcano for years, well before I started blogging and never thought about doing a review on it, I am gonna have to do that.

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I need to pull my volcano out and start using it again.... I've been hooked on the dabs lately and my lungs are shotttt


yeah bro, I love dabs as much as the next guy but health first. take care of yourself bro!

Awesome your in the clear agian.
I only used a volcano once and they toke was so nasty I never went back


It was the flowers man, you put bad product in it. The volcano is the premier way to consume. You ain't getting terps to taste like this out of any other device. If your ever in Chicago hollar at me.


Yeah, It wasn't mine it was another guy that did them up.

Welcome back!

Well done, I love your blog. Thanks for keeping me posted on the news
resmoked for support

What else do you take for epi?


Nothing, I was on pills when I was like 18 then switched to cannabis and stopped the pills. Cannabis works better