Late night hanging out, vaping some X Wing trying to get tired enough for bed, watching the market.

5 months ago


Just hanging out blazing watching markets

These buds look crazy to me w/ the light/flash on them. There's a real glisten to them. I'm Blazin um, trying to get tired enough to go to bed and pass out. I haven't been getting enough sleep but I still don't feel tired. We've finally had some movement on BTC after this weird sideways period around 4k. The shakeup is a bit exciting. We're now potentially starting to form a falling wedge that if we fell straight to the bottom of it we'd be bounce around 2.6k.


I'm a chartist myself but it's just funny how the longer you do this the more you see people just writing what they want to see into the charts and re-writing it when they end up wrong. As much as I hate it, I'm mid term bearish, short term confused. Long term I always remain bullish, but I think the multi-year bear market is pretty confirmed here. I think it's safe for the next few months to not trust any rapid upward thrusts in the market.

Let me know what you guys are thinking and what your smoking on!


#cannabis #crypto #bitcoin #ogkush #blazin

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What am thinking about smoke is to the moon soon

Those nugs do look crazy awesome. The nugs look like green diamonds with actual diamonds in them. NIIIIIIIIIIICE.

I hope you have nice fishing boots as we are gonna fall hard into shit...




I'd say price will drop. My thoughts.

I am having one of those nights too.