Cannabis and slopes - Skiing day trip

6 months ago


Skiing and Cannabis

Took a quick trip skiing for the day and brought my Jet Fuel OG cartridge with me. Sure makes the chair lift ride a whole lot more enjoyable


Great weather, great conditions, shinning sun

We had really nice weather, I was skiing without a hat and no gloves for part of the day because it was so warm and sunny out. That's my kind of skiing. It gets a bit rough when it's really cold out. Won't stop me, but it gets a lot rougher.



One thing I love about vaping is that it doesn't bother people around you like smoking does. I can enjoy my cannabis, without bothering the people around me.


Amazing sunset

We got an amazing sunset at the end of the day. We ski'd for a bit longer after sun set and called it a day. My body is sore, and I'm looking forward to some rest.


#cannabis #vape #cartridge #skiing

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Incognito stle...that is why I love hash ..only peolle that really know can smell it especially outside when I smoke.

Looks lovely!

nice my friend i diddnt got on my skiiers this year... i hope i will also join the skiing road if its possible... :)