Living & smoking brick weed (Part 1 - Thailand)

11 months ago

Greetings fellow tokers, smokers and growers.

Today I felt like trying something with regards to my ventures and struggles living in Asia and how cannabis always found a way to come into my life.

Firstly i do not encourage the use of cannabis in any country where the laws do not condone it. This is a post describing my experience taking risky chances and to create awareness about the subject.
I would not recommend smoking in Thailand as the laws are incredibly harsh. Its listed as a class-5 narcotic under their Narcotics Act.

Possession, cultivation, and transportation of up to 10 kg may result in a maximum sentence of five years in prison and/or a fine. Then possession, cultivation, and transportation of more than 10 kg is punishable by 2 to 15 years in prison and/or a fine. For the majority of people arrested for possession of small quantities of cannabis a fine, rather than prison time. You still don't want to find yourself getting caught with any cannabis around Thailand by the police.

So I started a new quest in early 2017 to move abroad with my partner at the time. Now when i decided to make the move i had the idea of getting executed if i was caught smoking the herb over there, I decided to temporarily take a break while living to Thailand and not go in search of that green. Then boom, a day after i arrive in Bangkok i meet an american who somehow smuggled some cake in. We then walked to the store, grabbed a bottle of whisky and a cigar. Then proceeded to the hotel, removed the tobacco and rolled a massive blunt followed by a traditional Hong Thong whisky. Now it had been about 2 weeks since i last smoked. I went into parry mode as the realization hit me that i was now high in this foreign country and i had watched far to many locked abroad shows to feel relaxed. I turned on the shower in an attempt to remove the smell from that disgustingly big blunt. My friend was incredibly relaxed as he had been doing the same thing for several nights. Anyway i ended up going back to my room where i was somewhat interrogated by my girlfriend on why my eyes were so red. I went straight to sleep to try ignore the awkward conversation where i could barely talk.

After several weeks in Bangkok we decided to move to a coastal town where it was more quiet and laid back to try live that island life. Then i was in the place where i thought i would never come across cannabis and i had accepted that. About two days after moving I ran into some foreigners and of course they had several joints and that's how i was introduced to the barber.

The picture below is what i would commonly acquire from the local barber. Cannot remember the weight but it was compressed to the point of a miniature brick. Cost = 500 Baht which works out to about $16. I found it would last me around a week. Though at times the barber was out of stock and due to the small town i was living in i would have to take breaks from time to time

Several months had passed and i was getting frustrated with not having my daily ritual. After having some or other quarrel with my partner i went for a walk in search of lunch. I then came across a Thai man who was shouting at me and it looked like he was holding a bottle of wine. I thought why not go have a few sips and embrace how the locals live. To my surprise he was holding a bong and wanted a smoke buddy. A relationship was formed and M as i used to call him never understood English but loved to say several words which will be in the video link below with a Thai bong rip.

And we have a picture of M and his seedling which he seemed very happy with. He also grew quiet fond of me, waiting at my doorstep everyday with either food he had gathered or some small fish to add to the eco tank i was playing around with.

Some of M's prized possessions which laid on the floor and he was very fond of, showing me them almost everyday.

Then last but not least a very humble and comfortable man enjoying life on Kao Tao.

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Thanks for sharing!! I loved this! And it made the corporate Medicaid meeting I’m sitting in more bearable.

I could feel the panic of realizing are dry and then high overseas! When younger and dumber and traveling I would sometimes push to hard to find what I was looking for and it never worked out. It’s funny how cannabis does indeed have a way of finding its way to you! And that’s karmic magic.


@potspoon Im stoked i could bring an enjoyable distraction to make that meeting more bearable. I will be posting my ventures in Vietnam and China and there's some interesting info especially on the laws and how they have been cracking down in China.

Stay safe bro, I really hope Thailand fully legalized in the future, then it'll be the world's best stoner destination for sure 👍


Yea bro i agree. I don't see that happening anytime soon, not that i know much about their future plans. Other than that, most of the islands are laid back. you can buy joints from most bars along with those special shakes too ;) still a risk to take but whats life without a little fun right

I had a similar “WTF, it’s everywhere” reaction upon arriving in SE Asia (Philippines).

How times have changed now with Duterte... “WTF, where can I still find a dealer who has nugs”. Many people have gone “gonna wait until next president for that next toke”.


I agree. It's the last thing you would expect when going to an Asian country especially knowing how harsh their laws can be, being a foreigner makes things worse because you stand out like a sore thumb lol

Why did you girlfriend interrogate you about red eyes? Does she not smoke at all?


She used too smoke but at the time we decided to take a break together which didn't end up happening